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Lane Kiffin would prefer quarterback battle not stretch into season

On3 imageby:Sam Gillenwater08/03/23


It’s not at all uncommon for a coaching staff to use an opener or the first few games of a season to decide a quarterback competition. However, Lane Kiffin, who is currently juggling a battle of his own at Ole Miss, would like to avoid that if the Rebels can.

Kiffin addressed his preference for the quarterback battle in Oxford at a press conference on Wednesday. He thinks it’s always better to name a QB1 before the season. He also realizes that it’s a decision that you can’t rush just for the sake of doing so.

“I would prefer for it not to,” Kiffin stated. “I’ve always said that, I always think it’s better to have your guy. But you don’t want to risk choosing the wrong one.”

Kiffin has three great options at the moment that vary in talent, skillset, and experience. In the end, though, only one of Jaxson Dart, Spencer Sanders, and Walker Howard will win the starting job.

With all that said, Kiffin isn’t completely unfamiliar with going into the season without a set quarterback. For him, the goal is just to make the right decision, regardless of how long it takes to make it.

“There are times, at least two I can remember, where we’ve gone into a season not knowing for sure,” said Kiffin. “We’ve used some games, our first game, to help gather the information to make that decision because, obviously, you don’t have preseason games.

“It is hard to judge. And people make the wrong decisions all the time, even with preseason games at the next level,” explained Kiffin. “I just try to be really careful of saying, ‘Okay, well, that’s the guy’. And then you haven’t seen him play in the game with you and the current team.”

If it were his call, which, of course, it is, Kiffin would name Ole Miss’ starter coming out of fall camp and ahead of their opener against Mercer. Even so, he also won’t shy away from letting it draw out in order for the correct answer to reveal itself if that’s what it takes.

“Ideally? No, we would not go into that (without a starter). But, if it doesn’t show itself, then I feel like you have to,” Kiffin said.

Ole Miss debuts Manning Center with mesmerizing drone video

Ole Miss took the chance to show off a shiny new football facility with the Manning Center open for business. And the drone footage flying around the building is eye-catching.

Starting off swooping around Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, the drone moves through an exit to the stadium concourse. It quickly zooms across a sidewalk from the stadium and through the front door of the Manning Center.

As it flies through the front doors and swings past some trophies, old audio cuts in through the music, describing then Ole Miss head coach Johnny Vaught hoisting a Sugar Bowl trophy.