WATCH: Officials miss awful penalty on Dallas Turner against Jaxson Dart

On3 imageby:Griffin McVeigh11/12/22


Late in the game against Alabama, the Crimson Tide defensive line was getting to Ole Miss quarterback Jaxson Dart when dropping back to throw. Some of the hits he took, he had no option but to take them as the play was still alive. However, there was one that wasn’t part of a play from Dallas Turner.

Turner was able to get to Dart, taking him down from behind. When attempting to get back up to his feet, Turner took an extra shot and shoved Dart. First, it was in the back and then another one in the head area with his helmet.

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A flag was not thrown and based on the video, there was not much of a protest from Dart. Either way, it’s a late and unnecessary shot from Turner late in the game.

You can watch the full video below.

This moment was not the only interaction between Dart and Turner. In fact, the two got to know each other quite well on Saturday afternoon.

Turner provided another scary moment when rushing the quarterback, committing a face mask penalty. Dart’s entire head turned before his helmet came flying off. At the time, Dart seemed like he needed a moment to recover while you could tell Turner was slightly frightened.

From a stat standpoint, Turner finished with just one tackle on the night. Dart was nearly able to pull off the upset, passing for 212 yards and a touchdown. Both are huge parts of what Alabama and Ole Miss, respectfully, do on their sides of the ball.

These types of subtle jabs occur all the time in football, especially when there is some kind of pile-up. However, this one was a little bit more in the open and in a crucial moment of the game.