How top 2024 quarterback prospects are playing as seniors

On3 imageby:Charles Power09/21/23


When it comes to player rankings and long-term projections, the senior season is typically the most telling evaluation point for high school quarterback prospects. The season presents the most current and largest sample size we have for most quarterbacks. It’s also the most translatable environment to college football, perhaps outside of all-star game settings.

With that said, On3 places an emphasis on thoroughly evaluating the senior campaigns of quarterback prospects. Now that most blue-chip quarterbacks have several games under their belt, it’s a good time to check in on how the top 2024 signal-callers are faring this fall.

Julian Sayin – Alabama

On300 ranking: No. 6
Stats: 75-95 (78.9%), 1,031 yards (10.8 YPA), 13 TD, 0 INT, 17 rushes for 124 yards, 2 TD

Julian Sayin has lived up to his reputation as the most accurate quarterback in the cycle to this point. The Alabama pledge had the best showing on the summer camp circuit among blue-chip quarterbacks and has parlayed that play into his senior season. He’s shown pinpoint location leading his Carlsbad (Calif.) High team to a 5-0 start. The game is moving slowly for Sayin. We’ve also seen Sayin show more improvisational ability early on this season – an element we were looking for him to improve upon during his final prep campaign. Sayin was minted as a Five-Star Plus+ prospect during the summer.

DJ Lagway – Florida

On300 ranking: No. 20
Stats: 80-109 (73.4%), 1,257 yards (11.5 YPA), 17 TD, 3 INT, 29 rushes for 207 yards, 4 TD

DJ Lagway may be off to the hottest start among all 2024 quarterbacks. The 6-foot-2.5, 230-pounder has put together the best stretch of play of his high school career to date. Lagway is averaging a gaudy 367 total yards and 5.25 touchdowns per game. Perhaps most importantly, the film matches the numbers so far. Lagway has made some sensational individual plays with his arm and legs. He continues to look like the best off-platform passer in the cycle, but is also showing some improvement with his consistency from the pocket and operating within structure. Lagway recently rose to the No. 2 quarterback and No. 20 overall prospect in the updated On300.

Luke Kromenhoek – Florida State

On300 ranking: No. 21
Stats: 57-95 (60%), 749 yards (7.9 YPA), 10 TD, 2 INT, 42 rushes for 255 yards, 4 TD

Luke Kromenhoek has one of the top physical skill sets among 2024 quarterback prospects with a live arm and plus movement skills at 6-foot-3.5, 190 pounds. So far, we’ve seen him make some high-level plays as an arm talent and runner while leading his team to a 5-0 start and No. 1 state ranking in their classification. As a second-year starter, there’s still some areas for growth relative to his polish and consistency as a passer. Kromenhoek should continue benefitting from continued live reps and game experience as a senior.

Dylan Raiola – Georgia

On300 ranking: No. 33
Stats: 53-83 (63.9%), 799 yards (9.6 YPA), 8 TD, 0 INT, 9 rushes for -60 yards, 0 TD

Dylan Raiola made headlines in the summer when he transferred to powerhouse Buford High in Georgia for his senior season. He continues to show arguably the best deep ball in the cycle. The 6-foot-3, 230-pounder is at his best when he has time to take vertical shots downfield. He’s also shown some toughness and willingness to stand in the pocket and take hits. Moving forward, we’d like to see Raiola continue to settle into the Buford offense. He could also stand to show more mobility and escapability against pressure as he’s totaled -152 rushing yards over the past two seasons. Raiola and Buford are likely to play deep into the postseason, so many tests remain.

Air Noland – Ohio State

On300 ranking: No. 50
Stats: 43-73 (58.9%), 617 yards (8.5 YPA), 7 TD, 3 INT, 6 rushes for 16 yards, 0 TD

Air Noland was the most productive 2024 blue-chip quarterback as a junior, passing for 4,095 yards and 55 touchdowns against just four picks. He’s off a cooler start through four games as a senior. Noland’s Langston Hughes squad has played a pair of tough teams in Carrollton (Ga.) and Matthews (N.C.) Butler. He had some late game heroics in the win over Carrollton. So far, Langston Hughes is playing with a much heavier rushing attack than last year. Noland is a heady, savvy signal caller. Given his gaudy production as a junior, we’re interested to see how things shake out the rest of the season.

Miles O’Neill – Texas A&M

On300 ranking: No. 63
Stats: 23-29 (79.3%), 564 yards (19.4 YPA), 5 TD, 0 INT, 2 rushes for 15 yards

Miles O’Neill has been impressive two games into his season at Princeton (N.J) The Hun School. The 6-foot-4.5, 220-pounder has one of the biggest arms in the cycle. He’s delivered some beautiful balls into tight windows 40+ yards downfield. The accuracy he previously at Marblehead (Mass.) High has transferred over to this new setting. O’Neill is primarily playing from under center at The Hun School and has shown crisp footwork and refined drops. The pocket movement and mobility when facing pressure look good thus far. It’s a smaller sample size, but O’Neill is playing well to start the season.

Tyler Cherry – Duke

On300 ranking: No. 102
Stats: 80-107 (74.8%), 1,107 yards (10.3 YPA), 9 TD, 1 INT, 21 rushes for -13 yards, 2 TD

Tyler Cherry is in his second year as a starter at Indiana power Center Grove and has continued to show a live, quick arm while leading his team to a 4-1 record against a tough slate of out-of-state competition. Despite playing tougher teams, we’ve seen Cherry improve his accuracy with an increased passing load. The 6-foot-4, 225-pounder made some big-time throws in leading Center Grove to a come-from-behind win against Cincinnati (Ohio) Archbishop Moeller two weeks ago.

Cutter Boley – Kentucky

On300 ranking: No. 110
Stats: 87-144 (60.4%), 1,196 yards (8.3 YPA), 6 TD, 4 INT, 30 rushes for 125 yards, 4 TD

A one-time 2025 prospect, Cutter Boley reclassified back into the 2024 cycle upon his commitment to Kentucky during the offseason. The 6-foot-5, 200-pounder has shown his strong downfield arm. He plays in a scheme that bears some resemblance to what Kentucky currently runs under offensive coordinator Liam Cohen. We’ve also seen Boley rush more than previously. Similar to last season, he could stand to cut down on his interceptions and continue to hone his overall consistency.

Ryan Puglisi – Georgia

On300 ranking: No. 119
Stats: 14-26 (53.8%), 162 yards (6.2 YPA), 1 TD, 1 INT, 4 rushes for 12 yards

Ryan Puglisi has played just one official game, with his Avon (Conn.) Avon Old Farms falling to Miles O’Neill and The Hun School in their opener. Puglisi and Avon Old Farms couldn’t get anything going on offense, with the lone touchdown and majority of the offensive production coming on the last few drives of the game. It’s a very, very small sample size for the live-armed Puglisi, so we’ll be closely monitoring the rest of his season from here on out.

Ethan Grunkemeyer – Penn State

On300 ranking: No. 137
Stats: 98-134 (73.1%), 1,223 yards (9.1 YPA), 14 TD, 5 INT, 2 rushing TD

Ethan Grunkemeyer has maintained the momentum from a showing at the Elite 11 Finals early on as a senior. The Penn State pledge looked like one of the cycle’s better passers in the camp setting, with a live arm, smooth movement skills and tight mechanics. That’s carried over to the fall, with Grunkemeyer showing considerable improvement on Friday nights while leading his team to a 5-0 record. Grunkemeyer has been confident and accurate while also showing some playmaking ability.

Hauss Hejny – TCU

On300 ranking: No. 180
Stats: 47-66 (71.2%), 825 yards (12.5 YPA), 7 TD, 0 INT, 26 rushes for 211 yards, 2 TD

Hauss Hejny has been very efficient, leading his Aledo (Texas) High team to a 4-0 start. The 5-foot-11, 185-pounder registers as the most athletic quarterback in the the On300. We saw some of his playmaking ability both as a runner and passer in a tight win over Denton (Texas) Guyer a few weeks back. Hejny repeatedly converted pivotal 3rd downs in the fourth quarter. The second-year starter saw his confidence grow down the stretch as a junior, while leading Aledo to a state title. That level of play has continued four games into his senior season and it’s likely we’ll see his number called more and more as Aledo gets into tougher games in the playoffs.

Walker White – Auburn

On300 ranking: No. 182
Stats: 46-93 (49.5%), 732 yards (7.9 YPA), 10 TD, 3 INT, 15 rushes for 85 yards, 2 TD

Walker White is one of the more physically-gifted On300 quarterbacks with a strong arm, good mobility and a college-ready build. He’s shown some of those tools early on as a senior at Little Rock (Ark.) Little Rock Christian Academy. Similar to last season, White needs to show improvement with his decision-making and ball placement. White and Little Rock Christian have a big game against Pulaski Academy this week.

Jadyn Davis – Michigan

On300 ranking: No. 187
Stats: 70-93 (75.3%), 1,123 yards (12.1 YPA), 14 TD, 0 INT, 10 rushes for -32 yards, 1 TD

Jadyn Davis continues to be efficient and productive as a passer in his second season in Providence Day’s high-flying offense. The 6-foot-0.5, 190-pounder showed some resiliency in a big week one win. He’s at his best as a distributor in the short and intermediate passing game and is comfortable working from within the structure of his offense. Davis is still very much a pass-first quarterback to this point in the season. His posted stats on MaxPreps don’t account for sack yardage.

CJ Carr – Notre Dame

On300 ranking: No. 192
Stats: 70-100 (70%), 1,045 yards (10.5 YPA), 8 TD, 3 INT, 22 rushes for 91 yards, 6 TD

CJ Carr and his Saline team have made things look relatively easy as of late, outscoring overmatched opponents by combined 104-0 over the past two weeks. Similar to last season, the Saline offense is built around the quick passing game. Carr gets the ball out of his hands quickly with fewer than average downfield shots. Carr has been accurate and has made some nice plays with his legs so far. There’s likely to be tougher tests for he and Saline in the coming weeks and months.

Jake Merklinger – Tennessee

On300 ranking: No. 200
Stats: 44-67 (65.7%), 858 yards (12.8 YPA), 12 TD, 0 INT, 16 rushes for 156 yards, 3 TD

Jake Merklinger continues to play at a high level on Friday nights. The game moves slowly for the Savannah (Ga.) Calvary Christian signal caller. Merklinger is a sound decision-maker and always reacted well under pressure. There’s a natural feel and ease. He will not stack up as a top arm talent in this group but is an efficient, steady signal caller.

Aidan Glover – Missouri

On300 ranking: No. 248
Stats: 72-105 (68.6%), 1,126 yards (10.7 YPA), 14 TD, 1 INT, 34 rushes, 126 yards, 4 TD

Aidan Glover earned his fourth star and moved into the On300 after a strong start to his senior season at Collierville (Tenn.) High. The 6-foot-3, 190-pounder is one of the more physically-gifted prospects in this group, with a strong arm and speed that clocked in the 4.6’s on the camp circuit. Like several relative late-risers, Glover was a first year starter as a junior. He’s taken his game to another level early on this fall, putting up raw stats while also playing efficiently. The Memphis native has made some exceptional individual plays, showing high-level functional athleticism, escapability and improvisation when under pressure.

Will Hammond – Texas Tech

On300 ranking: No. 251
Stats: 89-149 (59.7%), 1,534 (10.3 YPA), 13 TD, 3 INT, 58 rushes, 361 yards, 9 TD

Will Hammond was one of two quarterbacks who are new entrants into the On300, along with Aidan Glover. The Texas Tech commit is stuffing the stat sheet as a senior, averaging 5.5 touchdowns per game – the most of any blue-chip quarterback thus far. Hammond has performed well in several high-scoring affairs. We’ve seen some impressive downfield throws into tight windows along with playmaking ability as a rusher. Hutto is just 1-3, but that’s largely due to its defense that is surrendering 49.5 points per game. One of those losses was a 82-80 game that saw Hammond account for 10 touchdowns and show some gutsy resilience in eliminating a multi-score deficit.

Dermaricus Davis – Washington

On300 ranking: No. 286
Stats: 82-109 (75.2%), 1,146 yards (10.5 YPA), 9 TD, 2 INT, 22 rushes, 128 yards, 3 TD

Dermaricus Davis has shown continued improvement in his second year as the starter at Etiwanda (Calif.) High. The 6-foot-4.5, 190-pounder has been very accurate thus far, showing good ball placement and feel in working over the middle of the field. He’s a smooth thrower and able to consistently replicate his throwing motion. Davis also has plus rushing ability, showing the ability to pick up chunk gains with his legs. The Washington commit has the look of an improving and ascending prospect early on as a senior.