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2025 Four-Star RB Gideon Davidson names Top 10

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Four-star running back Gideon Davidson of Lynchburg (VA) Liberty Christian Academy has narrowed his list to 10 schools.

The 6-foot, 190 pounder went in-depth on his finalists.

Oregon – Coach Locke loves his rb room and his personal life story is amazing. That’s why he connects well with his players I believe. Coach Landing is a head coach who has experienced winning a national championship recently. I believe he will build a Natty contender. Of course what’s not to love about the Oregon Nike facilities.

Tennessee. – the rb coaches have stayed connected to me over the last year. I talked to coach Heupel this week and love the high tempo offense he is orchestrating. He also has been a part of national championships as a player and a coach.

Penn State – How can any rb not be interested in Penn State? Coach Franklin has visited me twice and he is easy to connect with. Coach AP is from forest Virginia my home town. He is a legend here. Be pretty cool to play under him. Two rbs over 1k yards last year. Wow. And they are known for putting rb players in the league.

Clemson – Coach Spiller and I have connected extremely well for the last two years. We have had lots of conversations. He is a legend at Clemson. He has been there and done that which is what I want – great college player, play in nfl and coach rbs one day. Coach Spiller has taught me a lot at the camps I’ve attended.

Ohio State – Coach Alford and I as well as my dad get along incredible well. He tells it like it is. I went to the game against nd and wow was it special. Love seeing Lebron there and many other great pro athletes. I will be spending a whole day at Ohio State with coach Alford next week.

Iowa State – Why ISU? Coach Langs is the rb coach and he coached my brother Josh at Indiana Wesleyan university. Also, he and his wife are close to my family.  I love the strong Christian influence on that coaching staff plus did you know that there are 3 rbs in the nfl right now from ISU. I can’t wait to visit there.

Colorado – Over the last couple months. I’ve really enjoyed talking with the running back coaches and staff at Colorado. We’ve had many FaceTime discussions about football and life so I really enjoy this staff a lot. They’ve asked me some of the best questions so far. Prime time will develop a winning culture and high profile program.

Notre Dame.  I enjoy talking with Coach Freeman and recruiting Director Trey Brown in the last few weeks as well as the running back coach MCCullough . I will be doing a zoom conference call with the staff next week that will include my high school coach and parents.  I can’t wait. Oh and Joe Rudolph is there now and he is one of the best o line coaches in the country. I met him a couple times at VT. I LIKE HIM ALOT. Coach Freeman is someone I think I would love to play for.

USC – The Trojan history of GREAT RBS is crazy good.  Last week I talked with coach Riley, wow, he is one of the best and most creative offensive coaches in the country.  To play there would be special.

Michigan – This team is coming away from two great back to back seasons, and their running backs have excelled in their offensive system. Coach Harbaugh is somebody that I believe I’d like to play under and be invested into as a man of God.

I have talked with eight of these 10 head coaches on these teams, and all have pursued me strongly. I believe that these schools can win their conference championships, and all be part of the college playoff, and potentially win a national championship, while the valley commits to developing me for the next level.  I love the emphasis on the academics and the life after football at these programs as well, which has been emphasized to me.