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4-star Symon Ghai, a 7-2 center, updates his recruitment and talks offers

On3 imageby:Jamie Shaw06/08/24


Symon Ghai is the No. 45 overall player currently in On3’s 2026 rankings. The 7-foot-2 center, who is currently the tallest listed player in the 2026 rankings, played at St. Louis (MO) St. John Vianney last season where he averaged 10.9 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks.

“I’m energetic,” Ghai told On3. “I am good on the boards, good communication, and I block shots. I’m good at putbacks on the offensive rebounds, I do what is best with my abilities. I watch a lot of Joel Embiid right now. I like his footwork.”

On3 was able to catch up with four-star Symon Ghai recently to talk about his recruitment.

“I have offers from Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Bryant, and Missouri State,” Ghai said.

Ghai talks offers

MISSISSIPPI STATE: “They’re a good team and they have good players. I watched their game and thought that they were a great school. They like my size and my motor.”

OLE MISS: “When I went to my visit there, I went for a football game. They played LSU, and that was pretty fun. I had never been to a football stadium before Ole Miss. The atmosphere and the crowd were very colorful. The campus is so big. That is pretty new for a person like me, I’ve never seen a bigger school like that before.”

In Symon Ghai words

“I just started playing basketball a year and a half ago,” Ghai said. “I grew up in South Sudan, and in my country, most of the people play soccer or volleyball. I never heard of basketball until a few months ago and a guy named Luol Deng built some courts and I came to town from my village one day.

“I’m still growing physically, and mentally with the game, too. I feel like I still need to get on the court a lot and keep getting better. People have played for their entire lives, and I’ve just played for like 16 months right now. Me getting offers is all new to me. It’s kind of crazy to me, well not crazy because I get it, but I feel like I can do a lot more too.

“I’m looking for competition. I want to go to a school that has good players and a school that will win. Energy is all about competition, it gets the attention of the audience. I feel like I’m quite competitive, and I want to go to a school that has winners.”