Aaron Rodgers gives unusual reason for first interception vs. Saints

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Aaron Rodgers had one of the roughest days of his career in the Green Bay Packers abysmal loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Rodgers is never one to show his emotion, and while he took ownership of his part (and it was signficant) in the 38-3 drubbing, the 2020 NFL MVP gave keen insight into his first interception of the night.

Remember this is the same guy who had 46 touchdowns and just 6 interceptions in the entire 2020 season.

He now already has two picks in 2021, but every man in America and beyond will sympathize with Rodgers here.

He begins on taking ownership, just as any franchise quarterback should.

“I don’t like to make a lot of excuses for interceptions,” Rodgers said. “There’s some s*** ones. There’s some ones you wish you had back. And, there’s some ones that really aren’t your fault.”

But then, out of nowhere, the Packers’ star just said it. He got hit with the dreaded double nut shot, every man’s worst fear.

“That one was entirely due to the double nut shot I took,” The quarterback said candidly.

“Right before I’m throwing it I took a left kind of close line,” Rodgers said, adding, “and somebody on the right with a right kind of cross — double nut shot.”

The video below serves as the evidence. It’s tough to see exactly what happens to Rodgers, but if you focus on the two defenders menacing him, it’s easy to see how easily this unfortunate event could take place.

The cameras eventually pick up a hobbling Aaron Rodgers at the end of the clip, and anyone who has ever taken a shot to the family jewels understands exactly what he’s experiencing. Are cups still a thing or do NFL guys typically just take the risk? Maybe this whole thing is some kind of marketing strategy for an Aaron Rodgers brand of protection in that region.

Aaron Rodgers was historically bad

The post-game stat sheet doesn’t even seem real for an average or bottom-half of the league kind of quarterback.

It was a historically bad performance from Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers finished the game with the lowest passer rating by a reigning NFL MVP in their first game after winning the award, according to NFL’s stats and research.

With just a passer rating of 36.8, Rodgers set the new mark. As another NFL writer noted, Rodgers could have thrown the ball in the dirt every play and had a better passer rating.

The Packers will look to bounce back new week in a Monday night matchup against their rival, the Detroit Lions. The game will be back at home for Green Bay and will kickoff at 8:15 p.m. EST.