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#AdviceforU: Make yourself marketable to attract companies and brands

Grant Frerking10/01/21
Article written by:On3 imageGrant Frerking



Within the marketplace of name, image, and likeness opportunities, the ability to make yourself the most marketable version as possible is the key to securing deals. In a lot of ways, it’s very similar to the recruiting process many of you all are going through or went through just a couple of years ago. Just like a coach or recruiter scavenging the country to find the most complete package of athlete, student, and person to bring to their campus, the same is true for companies and brands looking to work with athletes. In order for brands to have the ability to work with you, you have to present yourself in a manner of which they feel comfortable showcasing you to their audience as a reflection of who they are and what they stand for. 

This starts with multiple aspects, but in my opinion your social media presence checking out squeaky clean is of the upmost importance. Whether it’s your own personal social media accounts or simply staying off of negative media headlines, these are the easiest ways for a company to say “yes or no” to you before they even speak a word to you. 

“Word travels fast” is a phrase we’ve all heard hundreds of times in our lifetime. In this era, it’s more true than it ever has been. With the amount of resources available to share news, stories, and gossip in a rapid manner, it’s extremely difficult for anything to be held under wraps. As a student-athlete on the collegiate level, you are always in a spotlight. You are held to a higher standard, and more is expected out of you since more is naturally given to you. So don’t give anybody a reason to ever say anything negative about you. Whether it’s a professional scout or media member inquiring about you, or a company doing their due-diligence on you to potentially work together, always be sure the people around you have nothing but positive things to say about you. That alone can have an incredible amount of value to it.

Just like with many things in life, it all starts with you. Once you have everything that is within your control in a position to have success, the rest usually takes care of itself. Make companies and brands across the country have no other choice but to want work with you because of the amount of positives you bring to the table. 

Opportunity abounds…go get it!