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As the basketball season gets started, it is time for an updated 2025 On3 150 ranking update

On3 imageby:Jamie Shaw10/02/23


The 2025 On3 150 player rankings have been updated. This is the fourth update for this class, debuting a top 50 in September of 2022, expanding to 75 in March of 2023, broadening to a full 150 in October, and updating the 150 in July. This is the first update of the full 150. This update is based on 1) in-person evaluations from the July live periods and the camps and evaluation settings through August and September and 2) continued film study and intel on prospects.

Updated 2025 Player Rankings

Since the last update in July, the On3 team has attended numerous national high school events, including Nike’s Peach Jam, the Adidas 3SSB Championships, July Live Period events, and multiple evaluation camps and events. With multiple showcases and events taking place every week(end), On3 has also collected streams and combed through the film as we ensure the maximum exposure of countless events and players.

The ranking process is a continual and often fluid one. On3 starts ranking recruits after their freshman-year travel season, prior to the start of their sophomore high school seasons. That recruit can look a lot different for our final ranking after their senior year championships and all-star games are played.

We have spent the last several weeks working on this 2025 update so that it will reflect the most accurate and current representation of the recruiting cycle. This work has resulted in 16 players making their debuts in the 2025 On3 150. We have also continued collecting data on the previously ranked players, putting eyes throughout the 2025 On3 150 ranking process.

These players are going through pre-season practices and are getting ready to start their junior season.. Our next 2025 On3 150 update will come toward the middle of the high school season. With multiple updates left, there is still a lot of basketball to be played before this class cycle ends.

The goal of rankings at On3 is to assess a prospect’s long-term potential. As we continue forward, a player’s performance on the court and their continued growth will outweigh the earlier rankings. Again, every player’s arc is different, and each ranking is a snapshot in time.

Updated 2025 Player Rankings

Here are some storylines from On3’s third update of a full 150 for the 2025 class.

Grading the 2024 On3 150

The basketball player rankings scale is as follows: Five-star prospects have grades 98-100, four-star recruits have grades 90-97, and 80-89 grades are for three stars.

The first 14 prospects are five stars with a rating of 98 or higher. The players ranked No. 15 to 110 are classified as four-star prospects with grades from 90 to 97. The remainder of the 150 and position rankings are considered three-star prospects.

Our goal is to assess a prospect’s long-term potential, ultimately manifested by the NBA Draft. The goal of the ranking is not to assess who had the best high school career or who will be the best college player. This is why we will shoot to end each cycle with 14 five-star prospects following the lead of the NBA Draft Lottery. The vision is draft night.

Cameron Boozer Takes Hold of the No. 1 Spot

For the previous three updates of the 2025 On3 150, the discussion for the No. 1 spot in the class was a relatively elaborate conversation. With Cooper Flagg, the No. 1 player in the previous March update, reclassifying into the 2024 class, the discussion did not take very long.

Cameron Boozer takes hold of the No. 1 spot for this July update. His production, his bloodlines, and his overall winning pedigree simply put him in a tier of his own.

Boozer averaged 21.1 points, 11.3 rebounds, and 4.2 assists last year at Miami (FL) Christopher Columbus High. He earned Gatorade National Player of the Year, MaxPreps National Player of the Year, and was a finalist for the Naismith National Player of the Year honors. 

Since entering the ninth grade, Boozer has won two Florida 7A State Championships, two Nike EYBL Peach Jam Championships, and a FIBA U16 Americas Championship gold medal.

Two New Five-Stars

In the July 2025 On3 150 update, we had eight five-star players. Cooper Flagg and Jayden Quaintance each decided to classify up to the 2024 class, leaving two spots open. Isaiah Harwell, a 6-foot-5 shooting guard from Mount Pleasant (UT) Wasatch Academy, was bumped to No. 5. Moustapha Thiam, a 7-foot-1 center from Daytona Beach (FL) DME Academy at No. 8.

Five Players Make On3 150 Debuts Inside the Top 100

Five players debuted in the 2025 On3 150 inside of the top 100. Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster Academy wing Dwayne Aristode is the highest-ranked player at No. 40. Aristode transferred into the New Hampshire-based boarding school from the Spanish Club Joventut Badalona U18s. He averaged 15.3 points and shot 37.5 percent from three for the Netherlands in the FIBA U18 European Championships in 2022. 

SF Dwayne Aristode, No. 40
SG Davis Fogle, No. 66
SG Braylon Mullins, No. 81
C Amadou Doumbia, No. 91
PG Azavier Robinson, No. 93

California has the most players in the 2025 On3 150

Fifteen players in the updated 2025 On3 150 came from California. The top-ranked Californian is Tounde Yessoufou, the 6-foot-6 wing from Santa Maria (CA) St. Joseph’s, who came in at No. 13. In all, thirty-seven states were represented in the update that also had players from Canada, Africa, and Australia. 

California – 16
Florida – 14
Texas – 13
North Carolina – 9
Georgia – 9
Indiana – 8
Virginia – 7
Pennsylvania – 7
New York – 5
Washington DC – 5
Wisconsin – 5

Players take big jumps in the latest 2025 On3 150 update

Every On3 150 ranking update is a snapshot in time with the goal of assessing a prospect’s long-term potential. Amari Evans, the shooting guard at Atlanta (GA) Overtime Elite, jumped 53 spots in the 2025 On3 150. Evans averaged 16.5 points and 2.8 assists with the New Heights Lightning program throughout Nike’s EYBL E16 Circuit.

(63) SG Amari Evans from 116 to 53
(59) SF Colt Langdon from 137 to 78
(56) SF Joshua Lewis from 99 to 43
(50) PG Jaylen Cross from 98 to 48
(49) PF John Clark from 99 to 43
(45) PF Chris Cenac from 67 to 22
(36) SF Tylis Jordan from from 81 to 45
(35) CG Brayden Burries from 61 to 26
(24) SF Cam Ward from 71 to 47
(20) PF Niko Bundalo from 51 to 31