Top-30 Austin Swartz dives into Tennessee and Clemson; talks Florida State, Georgia, Indiana, and more

On3 imageby:Jamie Shaw06/18/23


Austin Swartz came in at No. 28 in the updated 2024 On3 150. The 6-foot-5 shooting guard finished third overall on Nike’s EYBL 17u Circuit in scoring at 21.0 points on 37.2 percent shooting from three for the Boo Williams program.

“I’ve shown I’m a more all-around player this summer,” Swartz told On3. “Playing on the Nike Circuit, it’s been great, but I’ve been able to showcase I’m more than just a shooter. You can’t be one-dimensional in college, and that has been the biggest thing I’ve been able to show. I watch a lot of Devin Booker, I think his game and mind have a lot of similarities. He likes to get into the mid-range. When shots aren’t falling, I know I can get to that mid-range and get to the free-throw line to start and get things going. The footwork and his ability to create space, that’s a lot of what I try to do.”

On3 caught up with four-star Austin Swartz after recently watching him with his Concord (NC) Cannon School program to talk recruitment.

Swartz talks Clemson

“I just finished my first official visit,” Swartz said. “I went to Clemson this week.”

“The chemistry between the teammates stood out for me. That was great to be around, and that is something that I want to be around. That was really the biggest thing, but also being around Coach (Brad) Brownell. This was my first time really being around him and hanging out with him a little bit. They’re all cool people who enjoy being around each other. It’s like one big happy family there.

“The weight room was really nice. It is just basketball, so that is awesome. They also had a great nutrition situation there. Their practice gym was nice. Everything there was up to par; the facilities were good. They showed me a lot of video of Chase Hunter and how they use him in their offense. He’s their leader, and he makes plays for them. That is someone they think I can be.”

Swartz talks Tennessee

“I’m taking my second official visit to Tennessee this Sunday,” Swartz said.

Coach (Rick) Barnes puts people into the NBA. And Tennessee is always in the NCAA Tournament and are winning games. I love winning. I’ve been to a couple of games there, and they play tough defense. They move the ball well, and they play team offense; it’s not just one person. The biggest thing with them, too, is the defense and their toughness. That is what wins them games.

Coach (Justin) Gainey has been great. He has been recruiting me for about a year now. We’ve built a great chemistry, we can talk about anything, but we love to talk about basketball. We love talking about Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James; that’s our favorite topic. I’ve only talked to Coach Barnes a little, but that is a big reason why I’m going on this visit, so I can really talk with him, get to know him and the program.”

Swartz talks recruitment

“I’m talking with UConn about a visit,” Swartz said. “I’m trying to set up something with Indiana, Florida State, Georgia, and that’s kind of where things are right now.”

UConn: “I talk a lot with Coach (Kimani) Young. He’s been the one recruiting me the most so far. It’s a brotherhood there; everyone wants to play together. They preach about the best shot and not the first shot, and I was able to see that all throughout the NCAA Tournament. They moved the ball. And then Jordan Hawkins, how he plays, and what they did with him.

Coach Young has been walking me through the offense, and a little bit around the motion they run. They keep telling me how I would be a great fit for how they play.”

Indiana: “Coach (Kenya) Hunter, I’ve been talking with him a lot lately. They do well with North Carolina people; look at Jalen Hood-Schifino. I know we aren’t exactly the same as players, but look what they did with him. They think I can shoot the ball at a high level, and they want me to come in and be the next one they develop for the draft. Coach (Mike) Woodson does a great job getting people ready for the NBA.”

Georgia: “Coach (Akeem) Miskdeen has been recruiting me for over a year. It’s been great getting to know him. We have a great relationship, probably one of the best relationships I have with a coach. He’s been on me, talking to my family. He’s almost like a big brother; he’s getting close to that. Coach (Mike) White has been great. We’ve been able to talk a lot about guards and what he’s been able to do with developing his guards.

“He believes I can play a similar role to Tre Mann, he thinks we have similar games, and he was able to get him to be a first-round pick. I trust that he can do that for me too.”

Florida State: “Coach (Steve) Smith started talking with me a lot around this same time last year. I watch a game or two of theirs this year; it was tough for them because they had so many people hurt, and they weren’t really able to play how they wanted to. They love transition threes there, and that is something I do very well. Coach says they work their guards and shooters off pin-down screens and play out of ball screens a lot. They think I can do combo guard things for them.

Coach (Leonard) Hamilton has gone through the offense with me a little, and he has shown me what I would be able to do and what they had in mind for me. They think I could be able to score at any point throughout the offense.”

In his words

“I don’t have a really particular timeframe for committing or even narrowing things down,” Swartz said. “Ideally, I would like to be done by the time basketball season starts, but if I don’t do that, that’s ok. I do plan on signing during the early period.

“My visit to Tennessee should be my last one before August, I don’t think we’ll have time to squeeze any more in. I’m going to be looking closely at the chemistry of the program. How the players interact with each other, and how the players talk and communicate with the coach.

“How does the coach react to his plays when the player doesn’t do something right? Is the coach a screamer, or does he communicate with you and encourage you? I’ve played with both types before. I also want to look at how the coaches develop their guards.

“Also, I want to see how they use their guards. Do they give their guards the freedom and trust to make plays, or do they have their guards go to specific spots and make specific reads? Those are really the biggest things for me, well, that and making sure my parents like the spot and are on board.”

At No. 28, On3 is higher than the industry with Austin Swartz. He is No. 62 in the 2024 On3 Industry Ranking.