Five-Star Plus+ PF Caleb Wilson recaps recent visits and previews future trips

On3 imageby:Joe Tipton11/26/23


Caleb Wilson is one of the top forwards in the country and the No. 1 player in Georgia. The 6-foot-9 junior out of Holy Innocents in Atlanta is ranked as the No. 5 overall prospect in the 2025 class, according the On3 Industry Rankings.

It’s still in the early going of his college recruitment, but the Five-Star Plus+ recruit has been busy taking visits. He’s seen six schools in the past few months — Alabama, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Stanford, and Tennessee.

Following the conclusion of his game at the Holiday Hoopsgiving showcase, WIlson recapped each of his recently college trips and previewed additional visits he wants to take.

Wilson recaps college visits

Alabama: “It was pretty cool. Alabama was nice because I got to see Grant Nelson, a prospect I was interested in seeing. I watched him on ESPN Plus+ when he was at North Dakota State and I was like ‘this is crazy.’ It’s a good program. Brandon Miller definitely helped them, but I feel like their program is good for versatile forwards like me.”

Auburn: “I really like Bruce Pearl’s duty calls to big guards. They like a player that’s versatile, like Jabari Smith was. Playing off the bounce and playing off of actions.”

Georgia Tech: “Georgia Tech is a great school. Similar to Stanford, they have high academics. I take pride in that and the coaches really believe in me. I talk to coach Stoudamire and his assistants very often also so its pretty cool.”

Kentucky: “Just a surreal experience. I felt like I was a part of the team. People were taking pictures, it was pretty cool. I really like the coaching. It seems like its really intense, really serious. And that’s what I need to get to the next level, which would be the NBA.”

Stanford: “Stanford was a cool visit. I’m a very good academic student so I take those visits seriously because I feel like basketball is something I can do for the next 20 years but then I have to live afterwards. I definitely liked that visit and was able to meet a lot of people. I had a meeting with Andrew Luck and Condoleezza Rice. It was pretty cool.”

Tennessee: “Tennessee talks to me almost every day. Coach (Gregg) Polinsky talks to me all the time. I like Tennessee because it seems like they believe in me. They contact me often and I talk to the head coach a good amount. Rick Barnes coached KD (Kevin Durant). I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near that level yet, but I strive to be at that level one day.”

Caleb Wilson says he’d like to trim down his list of schools down in the spring, during the AAU season. Currently, the following schools are the most active in his recruitment, he says: Georgia Tech, Baylor, Tennessee, Stanford, North Carolina, and Kentucky. 

Future visits?

While he doesn’t have anything scheduled, Wilson says he’d like to visit North Carolina, Duke, and Baylor. He discussed those three programs.

North Carolina: “They’re a blue blood. I like seeing what those guys have to offer. I definitely love Carolina. Michael Jordan went there. They have rich basketball culture which is something I want in a school.”

Duke: “Duke just told me they like my game. I don’t really get too much contact from them but they just told me they like my game.”

Baylor: “Baylor’s Scott Drew is a very energetic coach. Whenever I talked to him, he’s always got all the energy. My recruiting coach is coach Nu (Nuness). Coach Nu is a really cool guy. Me and him talk often about things, like what he does with JaKobe Walter. I like how they play 94-feet defense and I feel like that’s not something people appreciate anymore. I really want to do that in college so I can show that I can guard multiple positions.”


There’s been some speculation that Caleb Wilson could move up a year and reclass to 2024, but that doesn’t appear to be in his current plans.

“I don’t think so,” Wilson said on reclassifying. “I think I’m a good player but I feel like there’s so much more I can do and get better at and I don’t want to rush that process. I’m not chasing the money, I’m chasing as being as good as I can.”

Wilson’s commitment timeline

In no rush to make a commitment, Wilson says he’s aiming for a decision by his senior year.

“I’d say senior year. Maybe early signing period. College basketball is so iffy with college coaches moving around and rosters and things like that. So I don’t want to cut it down too early.”