Collin Chandler, 2022 4-star shooting guard, cuts list to 6 schools
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Collin Chandler, 2022 4-star shooting guard, cuts list to 6 schools

Joe Tipton5 months
Article written by:Joe TiptonJoe Tipton


Collin Chandler / Player submitted

Collin Chandler, a 6-foot-4 shooting guard out of Farmington (Utah) High School tells On3 he is down to six schools – Oregon, Stanford, Utah, BYU, Gonzaga and Arizona.

Chandler has taken official visits to both Stanford and Arizona. BYU and Utah both received unofficial visits, too. He plans to visit Stanford again on Sept. 23-25 and Arizona once more on Oct. 2. Collin Chandler discussed each option with On3.


“I’ve been creating a relationship with them for a long time,” Collin Chandler said. “I probably want to visit the campus to feel it out and to figure out if that’s where I want to go. Oregon is awesome. Their program has produced draft picks and they’ve been getting some high recruits. It’s definitely a big basketball school to go to.”


“They were the second school to offer me,” Collin Chandler said. “They’ve been there since the very start. Obviously academically it’s one of the best schools to go to. They’ve also been able to get some top recruits so it looks like their basketball program is turning around. They’ve also produced NBA talent, which is also big.”


“Craig Smith was at Utah State before so I’ve been talking to them forever,” Collin Chandler said. “Their coaching staff is awesome. With the roster they had at Utah State, they’ve proven that they can win. They coach a team that can be disciplined. I think Craig is going to assemble some good guys at Utah. He’s an awesome person. Obviously staying home is tempting as well. The campus is only about 20-25 minutes away. Being closed to home, mixed with a good coaching staff, makes it a good spot.”


“They’ve been doing well the last couple of years, finished in the top 25,” Collin Chandler said. “Coach (Mark) Pope, he’s awesome. They are big on analytics, which I’m sure other programs are as well. But BYU has gone into more detail with it. They went to all my games and they have a really good coaching staff as well. Especially with me going on a mission, so I’ll basically be Class of 2024. They’re probably the most experienced with that since the school is based around my religion. That would be good to work with them on that.”


“They recently got involved,” Chandler said. “Their school is attractive because of the winning that’s been going on there. I feel like all the programs fit my playstyle, but I do feel like I play like a ‘Jalen Suggs’ type. I can play the 1 or the 2 and I wanna play fast.”


“They came in recently too,” Chandler said. “Their coaching staff is coming from Gonzaga so it’s similar in that way. Tommy Lloyd is coming from playing that same style and I think he wants to keep that same style. They have a reputation of winning. They have a coach like Jason Terry, who played in the NBA at the highest level. Their program is really tempting as well.”