4-Star F Dwayne Aristode Talks Wake Forest Visit; Breaks Down Duke, Kentucky, UCLA, and Recruitment

On3 imageby:Jamie Shaw11/24/23


Dwayne Aristode broke into the 2025 On3 150 at No. 40 in the most recent update. The 6-foot-7 forward, who is originally from the Netherlands, transferred to play in the EYBL Scholastic League at Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster Academy.

“I’m a two-way player,” Aristode told On3. “I play a lot of defense and a lot of offense. I play with a lot of energy. If I’m open, I take my shot, and I’m a very athletic guy. I see a lot of similarities with Anthony Edwards, and some Paul George. With my size, how they dribble, and handle the ball. And how they handle adversity. They like to play defense a lot so I like to see that.”

Aristode played in Spain previously with the Club Joventut Badalona. He also participated for the Netherlands in the 2022 U16 European Championships. He averaged 15.3 points, 9.0 rebounds, 3.1 assists, and 2.0 steals per game.

“I played three years in Spain,” Aristode said. “I thought it was something time for something new; getting to play a different type of a game here. There is more pace, it is more competitive, At the end of the day, I’m trying to be in the NBA.

On3 caught up with four-star forward Dwayne Aristode after a recent live viewing at the National Prep Showcase to talk about his recruiting.

“Right now, I’d say I’m hearing the most from Duke, Kentucky, and UCLA,” Aristode said. “I’ve taken one official visit so far, and that was to Wake Forest. I’m looking to go to UCLA for an unofficial visit soon.”

Dwayne Aristode Talks Wake Forest

“I enjoyed the visit. They have a nice campus, and, they have some good coaching down there. I like the coaches, and I like the way they play. They play all guards around one big. They have a lot of space and they play fast. They’re in the ACC which means that they are a competitive program.

“The campus was nice, but the food was my favorite part. Food is important for me, I like to eat a lot, and it was good.”

Aristode Talks Recruitment

UCLA: “I know that they get a lot of overseas players, and they’re not afraid to take a shot at overseas players. Coach (Mick) Cronin, he’s a hard coach, and I like that. He’s not going to mess around, he’s going to be real with you.

“I know it’s a historic program there too. They had like Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, all those players. And, I mean they’re in Los Angeles.”

Duke: “I’m talking with Emmanuel Dildy. He tells me how much he likes my potential as a player. They want to see me get down there, take a visit. They talk about the stuff I can improve on, and all.

“I know a lot about the program, I mean, that’s the most famous program in history, you know. JJ Redick and Christian Leattner, and Zion Williamson. They get all these high-ranked players that go there.”

Kentucky: “Kentucky likes to have a lot of guards, and they develop them. We see Rob Dillingham right now, and DJ Wagner who plays the guard. They had guys in the past like Devin Booker and De’Aaron Fox. They like to have a lot of guards and play fast. That is what I know about them.”

In His Words

“I want to go to a place that I can call home, obviously,” Aristode said. “You know, a place that I feel at home and a place that I can play my own game. I’ll see if they have had other people like me.

“I like to compete, so I want to go to a high-level program. A program that thinks my way, not, not in like offense, not like I gotta have the ball but just the same mentality as me. I want to win every time, and that’s my mental state and that’s what is most important for me.

“I just turned 17, so I’m staying in 2025. Right now, I’m looking to go to college and go through that process. Nothing is set and you never know what might come up.”