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Eli Ellis, Kingston Flemings are among the biggest storylines from Puma Pro16 Circuit in Memphis

On3 imageby:Jamie Shaw05/13/24


Memphis, Tennessee – The first ever full Puma Pro16 Circuit event took place this weekend in Memphis, Tennessee and it was a weekend filled with excitement, competitive games, and breakout players. It also answered a few questions I had coming in.

To be honest, I was not sure what to expect. It was the first weekend for the circuit. I knew the top-tier players, and players like Kingston Flemings, Chris Cenac, Nik Khamenia, Xavion Staton, and Eli Ellis made this a trip I had to take.

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The storyline of the weekend was Eli Ellis. The four-star South Carolina commit had two games on Saturday that each ended with him knocking down a game-winner. In both games, the court was standing room only, with players, fans, and parents packed tight around his playing surface. The second game was televised on the Peacock streaming app. The first game was a step-back three as time expired and the second was a pull-up floater from two. Ellis has a flair for dramatic and has never stepped away from wanting the ball in crunch time.

Ellis’ mental toughness was not the only storyline from the weekend. On3’s Jamie Shaw was on hand, so let’s discuss some takeaways from the weekend in Memphis with the Puma Pro16 Circuit.

Kingston Flemings making a run at No. 1 PG spot in 2025 class

As of this writing, Kingston Flemings is the No. 4 point guard for On3 in the 2025 class. The No. 1 spot is held by Darius Acuff of IMG Academy/FL. In watching Flemings play live throughout this weekend, two things became apparent. He is closer to 6-foot-3 than he is 6-foot-0 and he puts as much pressure on the paint as any guard in this class.

His ability to get a paint touch on offense puts incredible pressure on the opposing team’s defense. One of the standout features for Flemings this weekend was his defense. As much as he got into the paint with the ball, he prevented the other team from getting paint touches. He moved his feet very well, using twitchy athleticism and great length, he also snuck in a few blocked shots in each game he played.

Looking through On3’s rankings, we rank toward the NBA Draft. The 2025 point guard class does not have a bonafide guy at the top. In fact, a lot of the conversations with NBA scouts and high-level college coaches surround how the point guard position, as a whole, is down in high school right now. Acuff, On3’s No. 1 ranked player at the position, is No. 15 overall. The conversation is an open one and with Kingston Flemings’ ability to touch the paint, make a read, and guard the point of attack with legit size and length, his name is firmly in the conversation for that No. 1 spot.

Can Chris Cenac get to fifth star?

On3 has been notably higher on Chris Cenac than the industry for the previous two 2025 On3 150 ranking updates. The 6-foot-10 forward first really popped on our radars during Peach Jam week, when Cenac was brought up to play 17u during Nike’s Peach Invitational Tournament. It was then we saw the unique athletic fluidity and the shooting touch to stretch the floor. While raw, Cenac checked a lot of boxes that translated to the highest levels of basketball.

Fast-forward to this weekend and Cenac is on a different circuit, playing for a different team, and has a game that has developed a good bit. The raw flashes now are polished decisions. On Friday night at Puma, Cenac finished with 17 points and 11 rebounds. His prowess on the boards became noticeable during the USA Basketball Final Four Minicamp when he was the best rebounder in the building. Rebounding is one of the translatable skills that travels with you as you jump levels. He also knocked down two threes in three attempts. One he stepped into after pushing the break off a rebound, the other was catch-and-shoot from the corner.

Cenac is continuing to grow as a player. However, his growth as a player continues to check boxes along the way.

Kayden Edwards gets buckets

It is easy to walk on the court and poke holes in a player’s game. What it is difficult to do, is watch Kayden Edwards play and not realize his innate ability to simply put the ball in the basket. Sure, he is a 6-foot-2 shooting guard, but what he showed in this setting was his ability to play as the initiator in the pick-and-roll.

In high school, Edwards plays in a system that presses and runs. There is not a lot of half-court decision-making to be had. Duncanville High/TX is one of the premier programs in Texas and they routinely churn out multiple Division 1 players. Edwards shines in that system. His role with the YGC team is different. He has the ball in his hands and for many possessions, the floor is spread and he is in a two-man game with Chris Cenac.

Edwards was impressive attacking the screen, getting the switch, and playing to the advantage. He showed touch at multiple levels as well as feel in traffic. Even when he could not get things going at the rim, the jump shot is always a weapon. Through the Puma Pro16 Cirucit weekend, Edwards averaged 27.0 points per contest. He knocked down 44.3 percent of his threes on 5.3 makes per game and was 25-31 (80.6%) from the free-throw line. He also added 2.5 assists to the weekend’s totals. All-in-all, this was a very eye-opening performance for him.

A look through a different lens with Kelvin Odih

Kelvin Odih is comfortably a member of the 2025 On3 150. While just outside of four-star range, the 6-foot-4 guard is No. 129 overall for On3. With that said, we were grading him through the lens of an off-ball wing. Even then, his slashing ability and aggression in guarding multiple positions were too hard to ignore.

Transition to his time with the RI Elite program on the Puma Pro16 Circuit, and Odih is playing the point for them. This is where Odih was able to showcase his full skill set. Standing 6-foot-4 with long arms and explosive athletic, Odih is a blur in transition. When you add the rugged toughness he brings on every possession and the reads he can make in the paint, you start to see Odih through a different lens.

Throughout the weekend Odih finished above the rim in traffic. He would blow by the initial line of defense, if the help stepped up, he kicked it to the open man, if the help was late, he would rise up with ill intentions. Even if his direct pass did not get the assist, his pass was the one that led to the assist, causing the defense to scramble. A strong-framed, long-armed, 6-foot-4 lead guard who puts relentless pressure on the rim has a lot of attraction. He averaged 23.3 points on the weekend while shooting 27-38 (71.1%) from the field. Yes, those numbers are real.

Five new names for college coaches to pay attention to during the live period

6-6 SF Blake Pingeton, Michael Porter Jr Elite – The wing consistently made shots, quite possibly as well as any player on the Puma Pro16 Circuit. He was confident and consistent, guarded threes and fours as well. He averaged 18.5 points while going 19-33 (57.6%) from three on the weekend.

6-8 PF TJ Drain, 1 Family – Was very effective around the basket. The lefty has long arms and showed excellent touch and an array of moves that got him over his right shoulder. The production was intriguing.

6-9 PF Gevonte Ware, 1 of 1 Lamelo Ball – He is back healthy and looked like an offensive matchup problem last weekend. Scoring on the block and off the bounce all while consistently grabbing double-digit rebounds. 13.8 points, 7.3 rebounds, 2.8 assists, and 1.8 blocks. It will be interesting to see which high majors walk thought the doors with offers in hand for him.

6-6 SF Quentin Rhymes, Las Vegas Knicks – The positional size and length pop immediately. Then you watch his comfort on the ball and his athleticism in transition. He averaged 14.5 points on the weekend adding 5.3 rebounds and 1.5 steals.

6-8 PF Chris Lindo, Louisiana Elite – Lindo was a double-double machine, and that stood out. Each time you would look up, he was finishing at the rim or grabbing a rebound. He has a good frame with long arms and he tracks the ball very well. He averaged 15.3 points and 8.0 rebounds while shooting 59.1 percent from the field.