Five-star GG Jackson names final schools, pro option as decision nears

On3 imageby:Joe Tipton03/04/22


After winning the 5A South Carolina State Championship on Thursday night, GG Jackson has decided to narrow down his recruitment, telling On3 he’s down to six options: Duke, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgetown, Auburn, and the G-League.

The 6-foot-8 five-star recruit plans to make a decision in the “next two to three weeks,” according to GamecockCentral’s Kendall Smith.

South Carolina’s head coach Frank Martin was courtside to see Jackson and his Ridge View squad cut down the nets.

“That’s my guy,” Jackson said postgame when asked about Martin. “He’s had my back since the start of this recruitment process. It shows the love he has for me. It’s like he’s on the court there with us…I feel like I would get used to that.”

On3 Ranks the Contenders for 5-Star GG Jackson

GG talks schools, visits

On3’s Jamie Shaw recently caught up with GG, the No. 7 overall recruit, to get his thoughts on a few of the programs involved.

Duke: “It stood out how they prioritized me as their number one prospect in 2023. The Crazies went crazy for me; that was cool. Overall the atmosphere there was just fun.”

UNC: “It was a dream come true going there. What stuck out to me was everyone knew my name up there. Coach Hubert (Davis) stressed to everyone how much they needed me, and he showed me how much they needed me.”

South Carolina: “There was a lot of love shown the entire visit. There is no place like home, definitely…Even walking through the city downtown, they were chanting my name.”

*Auburn has not hosted GG for a visit.

Shaw’s Full Interview with GG Jackson

Could the hometown Gamecocks pull this one out?

Frank Martin and South Carolina have been always been one of the main contenders in GG’s recruitment, even with Duke and North Carolina getting their fair share of momentum.

As we come down the final stretch, On3’s Jamie Shaw believes one team has separated themselves, as he’s entered a prediction in favor of the South Carolina Gamecocks.

According to the On3 Recruiting Prediction Machine (RPM), South Carolina now holds the overwhelming majority with an 88.2 percent chance to secure his commitment, with North Carolina trailing behind at 10.3%.

Reclass? G-League?

Jackson has been rumored to be a potential reclass candidate, although that decision hasn’t been yet made. However, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him make the move to 2022.

The G-League Ignite team is also in the mix, as GG included them as one of his finalists. The extent of their involvement is currently unknown as the G-League tends to lurk in the shadows, but I would expect them to be right there until the end.