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Jimbo Fisher opens up on his future in coaching

Matt Connollyby:Matt Connolly01/05/24


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Former Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher isn’t in a rush to get back into coaching.

Fisher appeared on Pardon My Take recently and shared that he is enjoying his free time after being fired in November and receiving about a $77 million buyout.

The 58-year-old would like to get back on the sideline at some point, but he has other activities he wants to enjoy first.

“I’m going to let it settle right now,” Jimbo Fisher told Pardon My Take. “The good thing I’m being able to do is spend some time with my family. I actually got to see my son play his last four high school football games. They got to the state semifinals. It was great, you know, because you’re missing that all the time.

Working on our foundation for ‘Kidz 1st Fun’ and all those things. But just get to spend some time with them in normal life.”

Jimbo Fisher got into coaching in 1988 as a grad assistant at Samford and has been coaching ever since.

He has impressed as a play caller throughout his career and won a national championship as the head coach at Florida State in 2013. Fisher led the Seminoles program from 2010-17, before taking over at Texas A&M in 2018. He remained the head coach of the Aggies until this past November when he was let go after Texas A&M got off to a 6-4 start.

It’s safe to say he has a lot of downtime right now after having a hectic schedule for more than 35 years.

“It does feel weird, because you were working 14-18 hours every day. And you wake up and go, ‘What do I want to do today?’ And I say, ‘Whatever the hell I want,’” Fisher explained. “That’s a weird deal. It really is.”

Fisher has plenty of freedom at the moment as he isn’t having to worry about roster management or recruiting, but at some point he wants to get back to coaching.

He isn’t sure when exactly that moment will come, but if the right opportunity comes along down the line, Fisher will take it.

“Eventually that time and what you do, you’ll want to get back into it and get the right situation and get back into coaching,” Fisher said.

In addition to winning a national title at Florida State, Fisher also won three ACC titles. He has a 128-48 overall record as a head coach over 14 seasons at Florida State and Texas A&M.