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Georgia Tech trolls Miami about kneel down amid new 'EA Sports College Football 25' feature

IMG_6598by:Nick Kosko06/10/24


Georgia Tech took another shot at Miami for last season’s lack of victory formation in the Yellow Jackets win.

Mario Cristobal admitted back in October that the Hurricanes should’ve kneeled to clinch a victory against Georgia Tech. Instead, a fumble and touchdown later, the Hurricanes lost.

Well, with EA Sports College Football 25 instituting a victory formation option when a game is mathematically won, Georgia Tech sent out a reminder.

“Don’t do it. We dare you,” the tweet read. 

Man, that’s harsh But also, so good for internet purposes and the social team at Georgia Tech should get a raise.

If you need a reminder about the Miami blunder, Cristobal, after brief opening remarks postgame last fall, was asked immediately about the decision to hand the ball off and not take a knee with a 3-point lead on 3rd and 10 from the Georgia Tech 25. 

With around :30 seconds remaining and the Yellowjackets out of timeouts, a kneel would’ve ended the game, functionally.

“When the drive started, it was going to be 1:57 and we burned about 1:27 off and then it was recalibrated. Should’ve taken a timeout, right there at the end. After we got the first down and talk about two hands on the ball, but that’s not good enough. Just go and take knee. That’s it. Fumble the ball at the 25 and they 75 yards in two plays, so no excuse,” Cristobal said.

He was asked a follow up and made clear he saw in hindsight that the better part of valor was just calling a knee.

“We should’ve taken a knee,” Cristobal said.

This was the second time a Cristobal-coached team has succumbed to a similar fate. When Cristobal was the coach at Oregon, the Ducks lost a game to Stanford that they led by a field goal in the final minute. 

Instead of a kneel, Cristobal called a handoff, which was fumbled, and Oregon went on to lose in overtime. Miami didn’t fare any  better.

So the lesson for video game players is: just take a knee when you have the opportunity to clinch a victory.