Live Blog: Top 2024 prospects hear directly from college coaches

On3 imageby:Joe Tipton06/15/22


Once the clock struck midnight in the eastern time zone flipping the day to June 15th, college coaches were able to make direct contact for the first time with their class of 2024 recruits. It’s a sign for basketball recruiting fans to see which players their school is prioritizing, as well as a clear sign of the program’s top targets. 

Below is a list of players and the schools that have reached out in the minutes and hours after midnight. All information is provided directly to me from the player.

Edit: On3’s Jamie Shaw is contributing to this report as of 10:00 am ET Wednesday.

On3 Consensus No. 1 Naas Cunningham
– Texas (first to make contact), Duke, Missouri, BYU, Longwood, Bryant, Iowa, Kansas State, Texas A&M, Arkansas

On3 Consensus No. 2 Tre Johnson
– Miami, Kentucky, Missouri, UNC, Arizona State, Texas, Gonzaga, Baylor, LSU, SMU, Kansas State, Arkansas, Duke

On3 Consensus No. 3 Ian Jackson
– Kentucky, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Missouri, Auburn

On3 Consensus No. 4 Bryson Tucker
– Duke, Georgetown, North Carolina, Villanova, Virginia Tech, Iowa

On3 Consensus No. 5 Isaiah Elohim
– Missouri, Arizona State, Georgia, Longwood, Arkansas, Duke, Arizona, Baylor, Florida, BYU, Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, Michigan, Gonzaga

On3 Consensus No. 6 Jayden Williams
– Alabama, Missouri, Longwood, SMU, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Florida, BYU, Appalachian State, Cincinnati, Arkansas

On3 Consensus No. 7 Derik Queen
– Oregon, Longwood, Missouri, Georgetown, BYU, Oklahoma State, Texas, Arkansas, Auburn, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, George Mason, BYU, DePaul

On3 Consensus No. 8 Elliot Cadeau
– Baylor, UNC, BYU, Syracuse, Texas Tech, Missouri, Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, Howard

On3 Consensus No. 9 Vyctorius Miller
– BYU, Arkansas, Memphis, Missouri, Oregon, Kansas State, Auburn, Ole Miss, UCLA, Georgetown, LSU, Kansas, Arizona, USC, Oklahoma State

On3 Consensus No. 10 Karter Knox
– Texas (first), Kansas, UCF, Florida State, Ohio State, Kentucky

On3 Consensus No. 11 Trentyn Flowers
– Kentucky, Oklahoma, Georgia State, Xavier, UNC, Illinois, Alabama, Louisville, Georgetown, Ohio State, Texas Tech, Baylor, Seton Hall, Virginia Tech, Missouri, Longwood, Kansas State, Oregon, Tennessee, Arizona State, Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Cincinnati, Michigan, Kansas, UNLV, UCF, Maryland, Memphis

On3 Consensus No. 12 Jason Asemota
– Baylor, North Carolina, Seton Hall, Stanford, Arizona State, Maryland, Missouri, UCLA, Oklahoma, Rutgers, Texas A&M, LSU, Kentucky, Oregon, UConn

On3 Consensus No. 13 Johnuel “Boogie” Fland
– Virginia Tech, Oregon, UConn, Duke, BYU, LSU, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Kansas, UCLA, Kentucky, TCU, Georgetown, St. John’s, Providence, Oklahoma, Michigan, Auburn, Indiana

On3 Consensus No. 14 Liam McNeeley
– Texas (first), Duke, Gonzaga, Texas Tech, Stanford, Arkansas, SMU, Notre Dame, Alabama, Baylor, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, BYU

On3 Consensus No. 15 John Bol
– Ohio State, Texas, Texas Tech, BYU, South Carolina, Kansas

On3 Consensus No. 16 David Castillo
– Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, SMU, Gonzaga, Tulsa, LSU, Kansas State

On3 Consensus No. 17 Jamari Phillips
– Michigan (first), North Carolina, Missouri, Gonzaga, BYU, Kentucky, Arizona, Oregon, Cal, Arizona State

On3 Consensus No. 18 Cam Scott
– College of Charleston (first), Oregon, Florida State, Miami, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Longwood, LSU, Tennessee, Baylor, Missouri, Texas Tech, Louisville, BYU, SMU, Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Pittsburgh

On3 Consensus No. 19 Somto Cyril
– Kansas, Texas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Missouri, BYU, Longwood

On3 Consensus No. 20 James Brown
– Michigan, North Carolina, Georgetown, Longwood, Missouri, Duke, Oklahoma, Cincinnati, Kansas State, Illinois, Ohio State, UCLA, Ole Miss, Georgia, Harvard, Marquette

On3 Consensus No. 22 Paul McNeil
– UNC, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Georgetown, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, NC State, Virginia Tech, BYU, Clemson, Ohio State, Missouri

On3 Consensus No. 24 Amier Ali
– Michigan, Missouri, Texas, SMU, Louisville, Kentucky, Tennessee, BYU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Minnesota, Florida State, UCF, Maryland, Ohio State, TCU, Oregon, Missouri State

On3 Consensus No. 25 Ace Bailey
– LSU (first), Georgia, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Missouri, Appalachian State, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kentucky, Oregon

On3 Consensus No. 26 Jahki Howard
– Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Auburn, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arizona State, NC State, Marquette

On3 Consensus No. 27 Marcus Allen
– Missouri, Georgia, Miami, Florida State, Longwood, Cincinnati, UMass, Stanford, UCF

On3 Consensus No. 28 Asa Newell
– Georgia (first), Georgia Tech, Longwood, Florida State, Liberty, SMU, Virginia, Oregon, Missouri, Baylor, Alabama

On3 Consensus No. 29 Jase Richardson
– Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, Stanford, Texas Tech, Duke, BYU, Cincinnati, UCF, Alabama, Cal, Kentucky, USC

On3 Consensus No. 42 AJ Swinston
– Virginia Tech (first), Ohio State, VCU, Longwood, Bryant, George Mason, Missouri

On3 Consensus (NR) Yves Missi
– Harvard, Missouri, Baylor, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Georgetown, Ohio State, Wake Forest, UCLA, Kentucky, Stanford, Michigan, Kansas, Texas, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Longwood, Oklahoma, Indiana, Seton Hall

On3 Consensus (NR) Elijah Crawford
– New Mexico State (first), LSU, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Georgia State, Liberty, Charleston, Mississippi State, Winthrop

On3 Consensus (NR) KJ Greene
– Virginia Tech (first), South Carolina, Texas A&M, Oregon, Georgetown, SMU, Pittsburgh

The On3 Consensus is a complete and equally weighted industry-generated average that utilizes all four major recruiting media companies. In other words, the Consensus is the average player ranking of all the recruiting sites combined.

View the full Class of 2024 Consensus rankings here.

NCAA rules state – on June 15th, following the player’s sophomore year, college coaches can call, text, direct message, and correspond with athletes in any form of private communication. Prior to June 15, coaches are able to get in touch via the player’s parents, high school/AAU coach, or another party, but not through the player’s personal cell phone.