Observations and storylines from Day 1 of Pangos All-American

On3 imageby:Jamie Shaw06/06/22


Las Vegas, Nevada – Some of the best high school players in the country lined up in front of a host of NBA scouts at the 2022 Pangos All-American Camp. On3 was on hand for the event and here are the storylines our national team is talking about.

Kaden Cooper’s tools are intriguing

Kaden Cooper ended last season with a bang for Atlanta (GA) TSF Academy. The 6-foot-5 wing has always been an explosive athlete, but it is the jump shot that came along. Throughout the drills portion of Day 1 at Pangos, Cooper attacked the basket with a purpose, finishing viciously above the rim. He also showcased soft tough, both off the catch and the one and two dribble pull-up. 

Cooper has upcoming official visits to Gonzaga and LSU this month. 

Xavier Booker moves in a way many bigs don’t

You immediately notice the long-armed, 6-foot-10 Xavier Booker, from the second he steps onto the floor. Once the game tips, you see the tools. Booker is very fluid in the way he moves, he is shifty in his hips and has vertical pop at the basket. This is why projecting him moving forward is so fascinating. 6-foot-10 guys just do not and have not moved like he does. 

Booker has already taken four official visits to Kansas State, Michigan State, Indiana, and Purdue. Look for him to set future official visits with Duke, Notre Dame, Texas, and Ohio State.

Yessoufou a freshman to watch

Class of 2025 wing Tounde Yessoufou was as impressive as any player at Pangos last night in the second game. The 6-foot-5 strong-bodied young prospect attacked without fear finished in contested traffic situations and showed a clean stroke on the perimeter. He scored in the paint and in the mid-range with ease against opponents with both quickness and more height/length. Yessoufou also competed defensively with physicality and active hands. He’s a young prospect with toughness, enough quickness laterally and the offensive skill to produce against older players. The Pangos All-American Camp has served as a coming out party for a number of prospects over the last 20 years, and Yessoufou now falls into that category. 

Pettiford has it on a string

Class of 2024 point guard Tahaad Pettiford was arguably the most impressive point guard at Pangos last night in the limited sample size. The near 6-foot Garden State prospect has the ball on a string with high-end quickness and change of direction ability. Pettiford attacks without fear but also plays under control with an ideal pace. He flashed the ability to create straight-line drives, get into the paint, and make the correct read without over penetrating. Pettiford also has the feel for using his quickness and ball-on-a-string ability to create space and get off clean looks in the mid-range and from three. When we say he’s fearless, there were two instances where he attacked the rim with the mindset to punch it on a big man. 

Stojakovic continues huge spring

On3 Consensus 4-star guard Andrej Stojakovic was both opportune and competitive on both ends of the floor at Pangos. He makes the correct basketball play a very high percentage of the time. He handles the ball against pressure defense with confidence, and the ability to get to his desired spots. He scored the ball at all three levels in the limited sample size Sunday. He’s not a pass and stands player. He moves well away from the ball and is an active offensive player in the half-court. The ability to make the correct read from the wing position provides playmaking opportunities. Stojakovic features one of the best mid-range games in the 2023 cycle. 

Stojakovic just returned from a visit to Stanford. He looks to visit UCLA later in the month.

Kante continues to impress

As bigs go, Papa Kante stacks up in an impressive way. He’s a legit 6-foot-10 with long arms and broad shoulders. His movement skills are high-end, and his jump shot mechanics have improved. He moves with the desired fluidity, quickness off the floor, and the foot speed to run the floor with athletic guards and wings. 

Kante has taken a single official visit to Rutgers. He has one scheduled for Michigan and Maryland later this month and is looking at Pittsburgh as well.