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On3 Outliers: 2023 recruits On3 ranks higher than the industry

Drew Schott01/17/23
Article written by:On3 imageDrew Schott


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After On3 released its final 2023 On300, multiple prospects moved up in the rankings following their senior seasons and appearances in all-star showcases. They include recruits signed to Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Miami among others.

For a look at where top players rank throughout the industry, check out On3’s Industry Comparison rankings. Here is more on 10 players that On3 is high on:

DL Jordan Hall — Signed with Georgia

On300 ranking: No. 13
Next highest ranking: No. 55 (247 Sports)
Industry Comparison
“I think Jordan Hall‘s first step is among the best that we’ve seen for defensive linemen in the cycle. He also has really good length, 34-plus inch arms and just overall body quickness at around 6-foot-3, 320 pounds. He’s just a total package as a disruptor and penetrator on the interior… He made the move into five-star range after we got to see him in person at the All-American Bowl this past month. He was the top defensive lineman on hand, in our opinion, and one of the top five performers from the whole week of practice and into the game. That was the final piece for his evaluation for us. He really left no doubt that he was a five-star prospect.” — On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings Charles Power

EDGE Yhonzae Pierre — Signed with Alabama

On300 ranking: 17
Next highest ranking: No. 50 (Rivals)
Industry Comparison
“What we loved about Yhonzae Pierre, to start, was just his explosiveness. He’s just a guy who lives in the backfield on Friday nights, just a violent defender, explodes into ball carriers… We liked the progression he showed as a senior… We were really able to see that first at the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Game in December and we really got a great look at that at the All-American Bowl in San Antonio… He has a natural crossover move and I think he gave Monroe Freeling, who is On3’s No. 1 offensive tackle, probably the most trouble of anybody in the joint practice… I think he’s a guy who is going to continue to get better once he gets into Alabama‘s strength program. He has a lot of room to continue in terms of his overall strength, so I think he’s just scratching the surface of how good he can be.” — On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings Charles Power

WR Eugene Wilson III — Signed with Florida

On300 ranking: No. 32
Next highest ranking: No. 112 (247 Sports)
Industry Comparison
Eugene Wilson III has an argument as one of the more skilled receivers in this cycle. He is highly-coordinated, just a really silky smooth mover both as a route-runner and after the catch. He has very good ball skills… He’s around 5-foot-11 and could play in the slot, but I think he has the speed to also play outside. He runs an electronically timed 40-yard dash in the 4.4 second range and really, I think, is one of the toughest covers that we’ve seen in this cycle… On a per-game basis, he’s very productive. For his size, for a sub six-foot receiver, he has outstanding ball skills, just a natural in every way. You see that as well when he plays corner. He’s just a guy who’s always around the ball. He’s winning in contested situations.” — On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings Charles Power

ATH Jelani McDonald — Signed with Texas

On300 ranking: 41
Next highest ranking: No. 97 (247 Sports)
Industry Comparison
Jelani McDonald has one of the more athletic profiles of really anybody in this cycle… Getting to watch him as a senior and then getting to see him at the All-American Bowl — where he lined up as a corner covering some of the top receivers in the country effectively at 6-foot-2, 200 pounds — he essentially has a linebacker frame with corner coverage skills and this unique athletic profile. He’s a guy who I think can play multiple positions in the defense. From an athletic perspective, you could compare him to a Derwin James, Jeremy Chinn-type, maybe even an Isaiah Simmons-type who could really be a moveable chess piece on defense, a position-less defender. We’re really excited with what he showed at the All-American Bowl and as a senior.” — On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings Charles Power

EDGE Bai Jobe — Signed with Michigan State

On300 ranking: No. 44
Next highest ranking: No. 102 (247 Sports)
Industry Comparison
Bai Jobe‘s physical dimensions, he’s around 6-foot-3 with really good length, a twitchy athlete with a basketball background. He does not play great competition at the high school level, so we were really looking forward to seeing him in person at the All-American Bowl against top prospects in the country. He really impressed us with the twitch and the athleticism, but also just how physical he was. He was extremely physical at the point of attack and embraced contact, plays with a high effort level, a high motor. Everything he showed there was really encouraging, especially given the uptick in competition. Taking all of that into account and his upside and room for continued development, he’s a guy who’s relatively new to football. We are pretty high on him within that EDGE group.” — On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings Charles Power

TE Ka’Morreun Pimpton — Signed with LSU

On300 ranking: No. 88
Next highest ranking: No. 213 (247 Sports)
Industry Comparison
Ka’Morreun Pimpton had an absolutely massive senior season… I think he had over 15 touchdowns this year, really transformed the high school team — Fort Worth (Texas) North Crowley — that he transferred to. I think Ka’Morreun Pimpton has an argument as having the biggest catch radius of any pass catcher in this cycle. He’s 6-foot-6 with 36-inch arms, can go up and just high-point the ball. He’s a huge red zone contested catch target and is a pretty good athlete, too. He weighs 225 pounds and throws over 50 feet in shot put, so he has that explosive power that gives him upside as a blocker. He’s going to need to continue to work on his routes and the quickness, but I think he’s a big-time mismatch as a tight end.” — On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings Charles Power

QB LaNorris Sellers — Signed with South Carolina

On300 ranking: No. 95
Next highest ranking: Three-star (247 Sports, ESPN and Rivals)
Industry Comparison
“You could argue LaNorris Sellers had the best senior season of any quarterback in this cycle… I think he finished with 67 touchdowns and two picks, led his team to its first state championship ever. He’s 6-foot-3, 220 pounds with a big arm, can stretch the field vertically, has tangible velocity across the middle of the field… He has outstanding balance at that size… He’s tough to tackle, a really dangerous runner between the tackles and on scrambles. I think he ran for 1,300 yards and over 20 touchdowns this year. He really has some impressive playmaking ability when things break down. He’s very creative and he can do a lot of different things… He has a lot of positive indicators as a prospect and was also the MVP of the Shrine Bowl, the all-star game between South Carolina and North Carolina, in December.” — On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings Charles Power

EDGE Collins Acheampong — Signed with Miami

On300 ranking: No. 98
Next highest ranking: No. 165 (ESPN)
Industry Comparison
Collins Acheampong has one of the higher upsides of EDGEs or defensive linemen… We got to see him at Future 50 this year and see a little bit of his season prior to getting hurt. He has a great size and athleticism combo… He’s over 6-foot-7. He’s continued to get bigger. I think he’s probably around 250-260 pounds now. Elite length, he has 36-inch arms. This guy runs the 40-yard dash in the 4.9s, electronically timed, so a big-time athlete and seeing him at Future 50 against top offensive lineman, he really performed well, especially given his lack of experience. He’s one who I think might maybe take a little time in terms of the ultimate upside, given his size and athleticism and length. I think he could really blossom into a potential high draft pick if he pans out at the college level.” — On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings Charles Power

WR Vandrevius Jacobs — Signed with Florida State

On300 ranking: No. 173
Next highest ranking: Four-star (Rivals)
Industry Comparison
Vandrevius Jacobs had a great senior season. He’s one who Florida State liked in the camp setting and we were able to finally get some film on him midway through the fall. He’s very productive. I think he finished with over 1,500 yards and 21 touchdowns as a senior, basically doubled his production year over year. He’s a high-volume target, a guy who can win in multiple ways. He had 100 receptions this year, so this is a guy who finds ways to get open, good after the catch, really competitive. He has strong hands. Taking stock of that wide receiver group, we thought he was certainly a riser based on his great senior season.” — On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings Charles Power

CB Colton Hood — Signed with Auburn

On300 ranking: No. 188
Next highest ranking: Three-star (247 Sports, ESPN and Rivals)
Industry Comparison
Colton Hood was a senior riser for us. He’s a guy who did a little bit of everything at the high school level. He played receiver, a little quarterback — he actually throws the ball really well — he played defensive back. He’s at good size at 6-foot-1. He pairs that size with ball skills. He has very instinctive skills on offense and defense and makes a ton of plays on both sides of the ball. He’s also a really good return man. The three-phrase ability and the coordination and the on-field athleticism was really encouraging… In terms of the play speed and the ball production, we thought was really encouraging. I think he projects well at corner.” — On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings Charles Power