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Southwest Airlines adds special flight for fans attending Ohio State vs. Oregon game

IMG_6598by:Nick Kosko06/11/24


Southwest Airlines added a special flight for fans attending the Ohio StateOregon game on October 10 out west.

Here’s where the airline came in clutch: flights on October 10th and 13th to get to and from Portland, Oregon.

On October 10th, fans can fly from Columbus to Portland through Southwest Airlines and fly back on October 13th. Fans can get a couple of days before game day on the road.

They’ve played in the regular season before, pretty recently actually, but never as conference rivals. During an episode of his Always College Football show, ESPN’s Greg McElroy explained why it’s going to be tough to beat the entertainment and stakes the Ducks versus the Buckeyes will provide in 2024.

“Finally, in the Big Ten, Oregon versus Ohio State is the game of the year. The probability on this one might surprise you. I’m going to say it’s an eight (out of ten),” McElroy revealed. “Now, it could be one of two times we see this matchup next year. Does that water it down potentially? Perhaps. But if I were to rank Big Ten teams top to bottom right now, I would say it’s Ohio State No. 1, Oregon No. 2.

“No disrespect to what Michigan’s done, they’ve just had a lot of turnover. No disrespect to what Penn State is, they just haven’t quite been able to knock down the door, that is Michigan and Ohio State, but maybe they’re more equipped to do so this year. I look at this game, I think it’s going to be phenomenal.”

Southwest Airlines to fly fans to Game of the Year?

While McElroy noted there’s some big time matchups in the SEC that can contend with Ohio State versus Oregon, he’s putting the Big Ten clash on a pedestal, thinking it’ll rival anything any other conference has to offer.

Fans better book those flights on Southwest Airlines immediately.

“Between this game, Georgia and Texas, which is on the schedule. Bama and Georgia, which is on the schedule. There’s a bunch of really, high quality candidates, which is why I’m not putting this at a ten. I’m putting it at an eight, but I think Oregon and Ohio State could be as big of a regular season game as we have on the schedule, which is a big, big difference from what it’s been the last couple of years,” McElroy added. “It’s been very obvious what the top game was, that game was Michigan and Ohio State. Winner was in the Playoff, lose might still be in the Playoff, depending on what happens elsewhere.

“This year, I think Oregon and Ohio State is right up there, next to Texas and Georgia, and Bama and Georgia, as the top games in the sport.”