Twins Cameron and Cayden Boozer update their college recruitment

On3 imageby:Joe Tipton11/25/23


Twin brothers Cameron and Cayden Boozer are not new to the spotlight. Their father, Carlos Boozer, won a NCAA championship at Duke in 2001 before having a successful 15-year career in the NBA, which included two All-Star appearances.

Despite most basketball fans assuming they follow their dad’s footsteps and join the Brotherhood, that’s not quite the case.

“I’d say not to make that assumption,” Cameron said plainly postgame Friday night at the Holiday Hoopsgiving showcase.

Cayden added, “It’s definitely not a done deal. I have my own path that I need to take and if I go to Duke, then that’s what happens. I’m not a lock to go anywhere.”

In fact, Cameron and Cayden have visited quite a few schools together — Kentucky, Miami, Florida, and well yes, Duke. There is speculation that they also ultimately end up playing for the same school, but it sounds like the twins will make there decision separately.

“We just go on visits to the same schools because we have the same offers,” said Cayden. “If we go to the same school, that’ll be awesome. But we have to look at it realistically, and see if its a fit for both of us. And if its not, then we will go our separate paths. But obviously it would be awesome to play with (Cameron) in college.”

I caught up with the brothers to get the latest in their college recruitment and see how there early visits went.

Cameron Boozer breaks down his four official visits

Miami: “It was a great visit. It’s a great school. I love the program. I love what they’re doing there and the culture they have. The camaraderie with the players. Its a great school and a great option to have. (The relationship with the coaching staff) is super good. We talk often.”

Duke: “It’s Duke. It was a great visit. For me, it was just another visit. But for my mom, it was very reminiscent. Seeing everything because she went to college there too. It was a blast from the past for her. (The relationship with the coaching staff) is pretty good too. We keep in contact with that staff a lot too and have a pretty good relationship.”

Kentucky: “Coach Cal does a great job of getting players from college to the NBA. A lot of his players have success in the NBA, too. He puts his best players in spots where they can perform. He’s a great coach, great coaching staff, and great school.”

Florida: “It’s a good program too. New head coach. This is their first year where they brought in a new team. The year before, there was some from the last coaching staff too. They’re young, they’re hungry. It’s another great school and my home state.”

Cayden gives his take on his four official visits

Miami: “It was a great visit, the hometown team. Just seeing the school from a full aspect was a great experience and seeing how their team looks this year was also good. We got to watch practices, hang out with the team, and learn more about the basketball program.”

Duke: “It was a great visit. Seeing a game at Cameron is something I’ve never really experienced before. Well, when I did, I don’t really remember it anymore. So seeing it and be able to experience it was a great experience. (The coaching staff) is great. They’ve been recruiting me since eighth grade. They’ve always been honest with me and I’ve always respected that. There’s not really any pressure if I go (to Duke) or not, my dad wants me to do what’s best for me. And that’s what our whole family thinks. If its the right thing for me, I’ll do it, but if its not, then I’ll go my own seperate path.”

Kentucky: “They’re a winning program. They always have been. Coach Calipari sends people to the league. He knows how to get people better and I like that about him.”

Florida: “Just their analytics, they have NBA type of analytics. Their a new staff too. They just got a new staff last year and now this is their first real year. So I’m very excited to see how they play this year. They play really fast and a style that I would like to play.”

While the brothers have taken a handful of visits, they’re currently now focused on the high school season and don’t currently have any future trips planned. It sounds like they’re not in a rush to make decision either.

Cameron says he would like to make a decision by the start of his senior year and Cayden says “I think I’m definitely going to take my time on it. It’s a big decision and I don’t want to rush it.”

Despite being twins, the brothers are actually quite different. Cameron is 6-foot-9 and a forward. Cayden on the other hand, stands 6-3 and is a guard.

Both Cameron and Cayden Boozer attend Christopher Columbus High School in Miami. Cam is ranked as the No. 2 overall player in the 2025 On3 Industry Rankings, and Cayden is ranked No. 14 overall in the class.