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Jun 2022



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  • Bailey O'Sullivan

    Co-Founder at YOKE

  • Mick Assaf

    Co-Founder at YOKE

The Austin NIL Club is a player-led collective. ANC joins groups like Michigan State’s East Lansing NIL Club and Auburn’s Plains NIL Club which are setting off a new era of collectives in college sports. Aimed at connecting the athletes directly to fans, it takes out the third party. Often founded by prominent alumni and influential supporters, school-specific collectives pool funds from a wide swath of donors to help create NIL opportunities for student-athletes through an array of activities. Yet, player-led collectives like ANC will allow fans to purchase passes for access to in-person events with players. Participating players will split the proceeds equally. The players partner with YOKE, a licensing company, to offer fans a way to engage with Texas’ athletes throughout the season via an online membership. NIL experts are not surprised by players making a move to have a seat at the table. The move also gives student-athletes the opportunity to have the cash funnel directly to them.