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Dec 2022



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  • Kim Brunisholz

    Executive Director

  • Brent Wilson

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Who Rocks The House Collective is believed to be the only gymnastics-focused NIL collective in college sports. It was launched in 2022 with a focus on supporting the Utah Utes gymnastics squad, better known as the Red Rocks. On it’s website, the Who Rocks the House Collective encourages small donors to fund the program through monthly donations. The funds will then go to the gymnasts when they participate in community activities. The goal of the WRTH is for all of the donations to go to the athletes. The administration fees are being covered by an advisory board and management team that includes prominent longtime backers of the sport, including Greg Marsden, who launched the Red Rocks program in the 1970s. “We want fans to feel confident that if they give $10, all of that $10 is going to support an athlete who is engaging in the community,” former gymnast and collective Executive Director Kim Brunisholz told the Salt Lake Tribune.

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