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Apr 2022



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  • Ryan Henington

    Managing Partner

  • Ross Elder

    Managing Member

  • Jesse Ertz

    Managing Member

  • Brad Fulner

    Managing Member

  • Pierson McAtee

    Managing Member

  • Curry Sexton

    Managing Member

  • Coleman Younger

    Managing Member

  • Christian Chalabi

Wildcat NIL, which was launched in April 2022, is spearheaded by former K-State quarterback Jesse Ertz, former linebacker Ryan Henington, former defensive back Ross Elder, and former player and successful business owner Brad Fulner. “Kansas State is a national brand that embodies the word Family,” Wildcat NIL says on its website. “Wildcat student-athletes are ambassadors for the university and their success matters greatly. This is a cutting-edge opportunity to reward these players for their hard work and dedication to the university.” Unlike some other NIL collectives where fans can engage for as little as $5, Wildcat NIL appears to be targeting higher-end donors. “The most unique opportunity we are presenting is called The Cat Family Club, a nonprofit initiative,” the collective’s website said. “This exclusive group of 100 supporters has each committed to donating $1,000 per month to a fund that is used for NIL opportunities for our players. Our goal with this $1.2 million-dollar annual fund is to remain competitive with what every other college program is doing nationally in NIL opportunities and ensure Kansas State Athletics has the resources to remain competitive.”

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