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Robert Griffin III doubles down on Deion Sanders' prediction of players pulling 'an Eli' in NFL Draft

IMG_6598by:Nick Kosko03/25/24


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Deion Sanders made headlines again when he suggested Travis Hunter and son Shedeur Sanders will force their way to certain NFL teams. That’s what former Heisman winner Robert Griffin III sees coming, too.

The Colorado stars are back for 2024 but next year’s draft could feature them both early on in selections. Where do they go? Well, it might be up to the players because they can pull an “Eli Manning.” Remember when the New York Giants legend forced his way out of San Diego before even playing a snap?

The player empowerment era is here and now it’s finding its way to all levels of football.

“The power shift is coming so everyone needs to buckle up,” Griffin said on Get Up. “And all these college coaches have been running to the NFL because they’re upset that the college players have a little bit more power and a little bit more say, well guess what, those same kids that they’re running away from are the ones that are going to be coming up the ranks and coming into the NFL in the next few years. So Deion saying that either Shedeur or Travis Hunter are going to pull an Eli, doesn’t surprise me at all.” 

Griffin pointed out examples from last month, such as USC QB Caleb Williams and Ohio State WR Marvin Harrison Jr.

“Look at what’s happened this year: Caleb Williams goes to the Combine, doesn’t do anything except for meetings, doesn’t even let the medical teams go out there and look at him because he says they don’t need to,” Griffin said. “Marvin Harrison Jr. doesn’t do his pro day, doesn’t do the Combine, doesn’t run a 40 because they don’t need to in today’s age with the athletes and their mindset, they are empowered. They know that they can control their own narratives. They know that they can be a part of the media while they’re still playing. 

“So if the players that are coming up are saying these things and feel this type of way, you’re going to see more of them pull an Eli and say I understand that playing in the NFL is a privilege, but that privilege is earned through my play.” 

As RG3 pointed out, it’s about the age of empowerment.

“And the players right now understand that they don’t have to do the status quo and they don’t have to sit here and answer to whatever they’re told to do anymore,” Griffin said. “Because without the players all of these sports leagues are nothing. This is the player empowerment age and you’re seeing it come into the NFL.”