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RPM Check: Where does Georgia stand with official visitors?

Jeremy Johnsonby:Jeremy Johnson06/01/24


Georgia is hosting around 15 major targets this weekend for official visits. The festivities got going last night in Athens as all of the expected visitors made their way into Athens for day one of the three-day official visit.

Before things heat up on Saturday and Sunday and Georgia makes that impression that could shift recruitments one way or another, lets take a snapshot of where the Bulldogs stand with each of their official visitors.

On3’s Recruiting Prediction Machine gets the photo credit this time.

5-star DL Justus Terry (USC commit)

RPM: USC (committed) 26%, Georgia 36.9%, Florida State 21.7%, Auburn 9.5%.

5-star TE Elyiss Williams (Georgia commit)

RPM: Georgia (committed), Florida State 43.1%, UCF 11.5%, Tennessee 9.5%

5-star LB Zayden Walker

RPM: Georgia 74.4%, South Carolina 5.7%, Miami 4.9%, Florida State 3.4%

5-star EDGE Isaiah Gibson (USC commit)

RPM: USC 61.1%, Georgia 34.5%, Florida 1.5%

4-star WR Talyn Taylor

RPM: Georgia 87.4%, Wisconsin 3%, Notre Dame 2.6%, Iowa 1.3%

4-star EDGE Darren Ikinnagbon (Georgia commit)

RPM: Georgia (committed) 93.8%, Penn State 1.8%, Ohio State 1.5%, Notre Dame 1.3%

4-star WR Travis Smith

RPM: Georgia 93.7%, Alabama 2.4%, Auburn 1.7%, 1.2%

4-star safety Lagonza Hayward

RPM: Georgia 50%, Tennessee 44%

4-star DL Kevin Wynn

RPM: Georgia 33.7%, Florida State 24.2%, South Carolina 12.8%, Texas 10.7%

4-star CB Chris Ewald

RPM: Miami 88%, Michigan 4%, Florida State 2.2%, Auburn 1.5%

4-star OL Michael Carroll

RPM: Penn State 29.3%, Michigan 20%, Alabama 12.3%, Georgia 8.2%

4-star OL Juan Gaston

RPM: 91.8%, South Carolina 3.2%, Oregon 1.7%

4-star TE Ethan Barbour (Georgia commit)

RPM: Georgia (committed) 92.4%, Florida 1.7%

4-star QB Ryan Montgomery (Georgia commit)

RPM: Georgia (committed) 73.9%, Florida 9.8%, South Carolina 4.7%, Michigan 2.4%

4-star RB Bo Walker (Georgia commit)

RPM: Georgia (committed) 96.4%, UCF 1.4%, Nebraska 1.2%

4-star OL Nick Brooks

RPM: Iowa 77.6%, Georgia 4.4%, Texas 3.1%, USC 1.1%

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