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Recruiting Scoop: Kansas State seeking to land a five-star

On3 imageby:Derek Young05/23/24


Our Kansas State recruiting scoop moving forward will now be via a message board post at KSO and sponsored by our friends at We thank them for their partnership and supporting the Wildcats and our site at On3.

This particular version will cover a lot of ground, from the NIL mechanics and how they can be impactful on the recruiting front, to the NBA Draft and finally a current status update on newly-minted industry-ranked five-star tight end Linkon Cure of Goodland, Kansas.

What do we mean by NIL mechanics? Insight is provided on the functionality of it and another angle where K-State is coming out on top in that space. They are blessed with a strong collective, WildcatNIL, and being consistent is a strong asset.

LINK: Another angle of where Kansas State succeeds on NIL front

Some Kansas State targets that may withdraw their name from NBA consideration are still currently insisting that they intend to remain in the process and go pro. Why is that and how do we explains those things?

LINK: Information on K-State targets in NBA Draft process

Lastly, we had to discuss Linkon Cure after he was bestowed a five-star ranking. We know Kansas State is heavily involved. Texas A&M became a factor when they plucked away Collin Klein. Oregon has consistently been in the mix. Kansas entered the picture when adding his brother Leyton Cure.

Are there any favorites and where do we see it ultimately trending?

LINK: Wildcats fighting for position with five-star tight end

We also provide a hint of what is inside below.

  • Strength of the Kansas State collective.
  • Pursuit of those that have declared for NBA Draft.
  • K-State seeking to land a five-star prospect.

That is just a taste of what can be found in our Kansas State recruiting content on a weekly basis throughout the calendar year. There has never been a better time to join the largest community of K-State fans on the internet that converse and discuss the Wildcats on a daily basis.

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