$10 UK vs. Mississippi State tickets are coming to Paintsville

TJ Walker09/18/18


Article written by:On3 imageTJ Walker
  [caption id="attachment_225990" align="alignnone" width="1998"] Instagram: kash_daniel56[/caption] 606, $10 Kentucky vs. Mississippi State tickets are coming to Paintsville on Thursday, and I love it. Kentucky is trying to get butts in the seats for UK's colossal SEC matchup against Mississippi State on Saturday and so far they haven't done a great job, but they're trying to change that and you gotta love the effort with $10 tickets for Eastern Kentucky residents. Listen, some fans are going to get upset that they paid $42, or $48, $64, or whatever to be at Kroger Field on Saturday night, and others will pay $10 but would you rather be there in a packed house or a stadium that's only 70 percent full? I'd choose the former. I applaud UK's effort to get fans in the stands and if they can get a few thousand folks from Paintsville there you know it's going to be a rowdy crowd. Kash Daniels has a message for you, Paintsville: https://twitter.com/UKAthletics/status/1042197674555056128 We'll be sure to pass along the time and place when it's announced by UK Athletics. [mobile_ad]

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