1988 Arizona Basketball Fever....Catch it!

by:Matt Jones04/25/06
If you will remember, all year I made clear that I thought the 2005-2006 Kentucky basketball team needed to make a rap video. We all know that Ramel Bradley and Shagari have some rap talent and if you added those two to an already stocked lineup of absurdity (Woo bringin the beats), it would have had the potential for greatness. Add to the fact that the team was one of the worst in recent years and accomplished nothing of note, and the rap video could have been the lasting image of the team. Well it looks like someone beat me to the idea....ok, well they beat me to the idea nearly 20 years ago. The 1988 Arizona Wildcat basketball team produced a rap video detailing their talents and what they would do to PAc 10 opposition. While it is not my favorite of the team rap video genre (falling behind 85 Bears and 87 Calgary Flames), it is very funny. A keen watcher will see cameos from Sean Elliott (who was a better rapper with two kidneys), Steve Kerr, Tom Tolbert and even Kenny Lofton. IT is a great video to begin your work day with and I hope that you folks do enjoy it.

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