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#10 Cruzin'


#9 Stacey Gallagher


#8 Bub Tackett

"You people are Crazy"

#7 Jason Kinner

There is no question stuff like this is why Kash is loved by the BBN.

#6 Jeff Champion

But did he get his Wendy's or?

#5 Tony Ray

Leave it to Vannetti to ruin the Alice Blue Gown reunion.

#4 Patrick Butcher

I'd never be late for class again.

#3 John Robic's Hair

More like Sal not your Pal amirite...huh..get it? Bad joke? okay.

#2 Lexington Legends

Seriously, all of you reading this, imagine Matt living in one of those Villas.

#1 Ricky Nix

Here lies Kyle Kuzma's NBA career. 2017-2019. Cause of death: Boogie Cousins. Follow me on twitter and tag me in one of your tweets for a chance to make KSR's top 10 tweets: @BrentW_KSR

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