28 Fun Facts About the Kentucky Football Team
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28 Fun Facts About the Kentucky Football Team

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 4 years


Football is upon us, which means it’s time to get to know the 2017 Kentucky Wildcats. As I do ever year, I scoured the UK Football Media Guide to find fun facts about the players, and I must say, this year’s crop of Cats did not disappoint.

Did you know…

– Redshirt freshman running back Asim “AJ” Rose is an Eagle Scout

– Sophomore defensive end TJ Carter used to be involved in the sport of fencing

– Redshirt freshman defensive lineman Ja’Quize Cross has almost 100 pairs of sneakers and enjoys customizing shoes? Other than playing in the NFL, his dream job is to own his own shoe store.

– Senior offensive guard Nick Haynes is an accomplished bowler who has bowled five 300 games? (Meanwhile, senior quarterback Stephen Johnson bragged that he bowled a 225, which, in his words, is “better than Alex Montgomery.”)

– Redshirt freshman cornerback Zy’Aire Hughes was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and the doctors brought him back to life

– Senior noseguard Jacob Hyde can wiggle his ears and do cartwheels

– Freshman wide receiver Lynn Bowden’s nickname is “Six”

– Junior linebacker Jordan Jones loves watching “Jersey Shore”

– At 6-4, 275 lbs., redshirt freshman kicker Tyler Pack claims to be “quite possibly the largest kicker in the country”

– Junior cornerback Chris Westry has over 300 photographs covering a wall in his room of people he cares about in his life

– Senior wide receiver Charles Walker is a ping-pong champion

– Redshirt freshman linebacker Jamar “Boogie” Watson is a great tap dancer

– When freshman defensive lineman Chris Whittaker was four years old, his mother saved him from drowning

– Sophomore offensive tackle Landon Young is learning to play the banjo

– Freshman outside linebacker Alex King started playing football after he saw pictures of his mom on a youth football team when he was young

– Sophomore running back Benny Snell’s favorite meal is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with banana

– Freshman quarterback Walker Wood’s theme song in life is “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus

– Freshman quarterback Danny Clark’s pregame routine is listening to Johnny Cash

Other than the NFL, their dream job is…

– Redshirt freshman center Drake Jackson: To be an astronaut

– Freshman running back Bryant Koback Jr.: To be a mechanical engineer specializing in the oil industry

– Redshirt freshman linebacker Jaylin Bannerman: To work in fashion and design his own clothing line (He sews, too)

– Freshman quarterback Danny Clark: To work on custom muscle cars

– Junior cornerback Chris Westry: To work at Google

The last time they were starstruck was…

– Senior linebacker Courtney Love: When Courtney Love (the singer) mentioned him on Twitter and on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”

– Sophomore linebacker Elijah Barnett: When he met Tim Couch

– Junior wide receiver David Bouvier: When he saw Coach Stoops

If they had to choose one player to be stranded on an island with, they would choose…

– Junior linebacker Josh Allen: Jordan Jones because he would find a way to get them rescued and provide entertainment

– Senior cornerback Kendall Randolph: Kash Daniel because Kash would catch all their food and build them a boat.

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