5 reactions to NCAA coaches roasting Rick Pitino

5 reactions to NCAA coaches roasting Rick Pitino

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 4 years


By now, you’ve read CBS Sports’ piece in which coaches anonymously gave their opinions on the UofL scandal. Behind the cloak of anonymity, coaches let loose on Rick Pitino in one of the most satisfying reads in weeks. You should really go enjoy the entire thing over at CBSSports.com, but here were my five favorite quotes with GIF reactions:

1. “I don’t see how Louisville keeps that title. They played ineligible players in the tournament.”

2. “Trust me, we know everything that goes on our with our program. And so did Rick Pitino.”

3. “No, they will not vacate Louisville’s title, as they are scared of Pitino.”

4. “The Louisville saga, on the other hand, is a complete embarrassment to our profession. How does Rick Pitino still have a job? This is a complete joke and makes me ashamed to be a part of this profession.”

5. “If it was Cleveland State, Sacramento State, even Arizona State…How’s Rick Pitino still head coach? I just have a set ethics, that’s all.”

Stay strong, NCAA.

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