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5 things we learned about the Kentucky Football Newcomers

Nick Roush07/29/20


Article written by:On3 imageNick Roush


This week the University of Kentucky is introducing the new kids on the block. In a pair of two-minute videos newcomers on offense and defense shared a little bit about themselves. There is not a ton of one-on-one time, but there are still a few things we can glean from their time on camera. https://twitter.com/UKFootball/status/1288133242525306881?s=20 https://twitter.com/UKFootball/status/1287807205530533894?s=20

So Much Swag 

I believe the current term is drip. Whatever you call it, these guys have 'it.' I don't know which chain is cooler, the thick piece of jewelry around Izayah Cummings' neck or the 'C' Carrington Valentine is rocking. Throughout their workouts, the Kentucky football players have been required to wear masks. Like many fans, I can't imagine sweating and sprinting in the hot summer sun with a mask over my face. It sounds miserable at best. Jeremy Flax isn't just masked up, he's upping the ante by working out in sunglasses. What a boss.

Big Hair is Back

While Terry Wilson cut his hair at the end of his quarantine, the young guys are growing it out. Is this a new trend or did they just avoid barbers for a few months?

Carrington Valentine talks like a Fast Guy

Fast talkers must be fast players. Those are just the rules. The synchronization makes perfect sense for the high school track star that will run with Mark Stoops' cornerbacks this fall.

Mike Drennen calls it Kroger Stadium

Many of the "old heads" always have and always will call Kentucky's football venue Commonwealth Stadium. Now entering its fourth year as Kroger Field, the man known as "Donut" gives the brand a shout out, but has found a way to meet folks in the middle by calling it "Kroger Stadium." Is it better or worse than Kroger Field? You be the judge.

Josaih Hayes' Neck is Enormous

This man's neck makes onions cry. Good Lord. How is he just a freshman?!?!?!? That guy is a dude.  

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