A Friendly Reminder

by:Matt Jones08/30/06
FOLKS I REPRINT THIS POST TO REMIND YOU TO GET YOUR PICKS IN. If you posted on the other thread, ignore....if not, you have until THURSDAY AT NOON. Don't miss it..... Well folks it is that time of the year again. Yes it is time to engage in the folly that we all do of trying to pick the winners of college football games. This year Kentucky Sports Radio is getting in the fun by having you, the listeners and blog readers, participate in a College Football "Choose or Lose Game for actual cash prizes. Yes thanks to an unnamed sponsor (who will be named later but does exist....unlike Rick Pitino's hairline....oh yeah), all of our readers are eligible for cash prizes based on their results for the year. What are these prizes you ask? Well how does this sound: First Place: 200 dollars Second Place: 100 dollars Third Place: 50 dollars Not only will the overall champion be given the honor (and it is an honor) of being the College Football "Choose or Lose Champion and win the cash, they will also have the opportunity (if they live close) to participate in a taping of KSR Radio and interview our guests in studio. All great stuff.....well at least the money is. Finally, there will also be a prize for each weekly winner. The winner for the week will be given the opportunity (if they so choose) to make a blog posting on whatever topic they wish (no matter how lame or unrelated to sports) for the world to see. Thus if you have a rant, a birthday wish, a sports comment or a funny story, win the week and you get it. So now you are asking: MATT, HOW DO I PLAY??? Its simple. Each week, I will list 15-20 games, picked due to the even nature of the teams (every game picked has a point spread under 10 except the UK games), on a thread in this blog. Some of the games will be big games and some will involve lesser known teams. In the comments section, you will pick the winners of the games and after the weekend, the leaderboard will be posted here. Each posting of the winners for the week MUST INCLUDE: (1) a winner for each game and (2) Your "official" name you will be using for the entire contest. I dont care what your name is for the contest, but once you pick it, you are stuck with it. In addition, each contestant will only be allowed one entry, which will be verified by IP Address. At the end of each week, I will ask the leaders to contact me, so that I have a record of who the top players are. Bottom line....to win, you have to participate every week. And if you win, prize money, fame, glory, women and everything else await. So without further ado, here is the first week of games. Remember respond on the comments by Thursday at noon in order to have your entry count. Pick all the winners and good luck for Week 1 (Home Teams in Bold): South Carolina vs Mississippi St Northwestern vs Miami (OH) Tennessee vs California UCLA vs Utah Pitt vs Virginia Georgia Tech vs Notre Dame Ole Miss vs Memphis Baylor vs TCU BYU vs Arizona UTEP vs San Diego St Ball St vs Eastern Michigan North Carolina vs Rutgers Indiana vs Western Michigan Arkansas St vs Army Miami vs Florida St Tiebreaker: Score of Louisville vs Kentucky

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