A Gazing Kenny Walker's Thursday News and Views

A Gazing Kenny Walker's Thursday News and Views

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Another day another dollar. That Kenny Walker sure is dreamy isnt he? If you havent seen the entire Kenny Walker portfolio, just scroll down. But it is clear that now that the basketball days are over, Kenny is looking for a second career as a turner of lady's heads. You can never have enough "Sky" though, that is for sure. So whats on the agenda? Well stories galore, thats for sure: (1) So did you hear about Patrick Patterson's first game the other night? In addition to the plethora of coaches in attendance, Patterson put on a show, going 10-10 from the field in the first half, leading his team to a AJ Stewart over a team of Seven footers-like beating of NITRO HIGH!!!! (sounds like it is straight out of the Archie comic books). A lot of you folks have asked me for video of Patterson, and while we are hoping to do a radio telecast of one of his games, video is always nice. Here is a video feed of highlights of the game. Some good Patterson stuff, so you can see what all the hype is about. (2) Speaking of hype, my post yesterday about Gabriel Charley got some attention and got me a couple of interesting phone calls. First, I am told that the attention by Kansas State is real and that an offer has either already been given or is about to be given. That is VERY interesting to me, because of all the things you can say about Huggy Bear, he is a good scouter of talent. I am also told that Illinois and Kentucky are "about in the same boat" with both teams "talking to the kid, watching him and telling him to hold off on a decision until Spring." Very interesting stuff.....I admit, I scoffed when I heard from AJ that Charley was a possibility.....who knows, maybe he is right. (3) I keep getting asked about the status of Marshall Moses as it relates to qualifying. Let me put it this way....the kid has said he is qualified. Everyone else says that isnt set in stone yet. Who is correct? Only the interested parties know. I do know that I have been told that UK wants a DEFINITE confirmation that he is qualified before taking the next step.....which may in part explain the original basis for asking him to wait until Spring. Moses is coming to UK this weekend and then taking an unofficial visit to NC State over Christmas, while his team plays in a game in Raleigh. This thing could be over soon.....but, UK's decision to want to know the final academic status is, while understandable, somewhat worrisome to me. (4) I have been told that there is a visitor coming to campus from the 2008 class for the weekend of the 22nd, for the UMASS game. I have heard a name, but havent gotten a confirmation, so I will hold back for now (although it may be released elsewhere, I am not sure). The kid I have heard is highly ranked and has lots of suitors. 2008 will be important for UK's future.....ESPECIALLY if Patterson and Lucas end up elsewhere. There was a time that 2008 looked like it could be a cakewalk.....with great in-state talent and the Morris Twins and (then thought to be in that class) Moses. Now it may become very significant, thanks to some recruiting losses. (5) Good thing UL is not in the Atlantic 10 eh? We are doing our Louisville preview tomorrow night....but they sure looked bad tonight. I still expect them to play well on Sat though. If you are in the Louisville area, listen for me tomorrow morning on the Big EZ Show on ESPN radio (synergy people). Be watching for more football recruiting news as Rob has it lined up to go for the next couple of weeks......and watch the "Office" tomorrow night.....its gonna be good!

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