A Great Day for a Basketball Jones

Matt Jonesalmost 13 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Today is an example of why I love basketball, specifically Kentucky basketball. It was an all-around great day to be a Kentucky fan in Louisville. We had: --- an all-world performance by Jodie Meeks, who scored 46 points, the most by a UK player since 1971.....aka the most in my lifetime. If possible, it was a quiet 46 as the enormity of the accomplishment didnt quite catch up to everyone until he hit about 40 points. But it was impressive and was a game for the ages. --- the return of Ramon Harris, which if not for Meeks' display, would clearly be the story of the day. Ramon told a moving story in the post-game press conference about losing feeling in his hands and feet and wondering if he would have permanent damage after the collision against Lamar. He talked about all the prayers he received and the knowledge of how lucky he is to be moving and getting a chance to play basketball again. Listening to Ramon talk, you realize what is important in college basketball and the chance to see the Razor running up and down the court again was a great sight indeed. --- a great game by KSR favorite AJ Stewart. Sometimes a guy just has it click and for one day at least, it happened for AJ. He scored 9 points, was aggressive defensively and played his best game as a Cat. Afterwards, Gillispie praised him and noted that those who had been ahead of Stewart should watch out. Using a famous analogy he said, "there was a guy named Lou Gherig who showed you shouldnt give up your position without a fight." Perry and Jorts need to be on notice. --- a coach named Tubby destroyed a coach named Rick and I was more than a little bit happy. Tubby had the gameplan, the effort and the in-game adjustments. Rick had....Little Bro. Fill the Tub! --- and tonight, yet another show by Jon Hood. We will have much more on Hood over the next couple of days, but folks....he is really good. 35 points tonight, 36 last night and an array of moves and overall basketball IQ that has college star written all over it. Watching him the last two nights has been a pleasure. He is going to be special. So after one UK game in Freedom Hall and four high school games at Fairdale, I will call it a night. A great time was had and if anyone tells you that Matt Jones was kicked out of one of the games between two teams who I dont even follow, by a referee who lost his cool and wasnt happy with my making fun of his bad calls (and even worse explanations), tell them I plead the 5th. Great day and more coming tomorrow.....

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