A Strictly Ballroom set of Tuesday Notes

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cancunpics2 Its late, so we are going quick: --- The big news of the night is our picture above of the travesty that is the Cancun Challenge setup for the next two UK games. I love the picture above and I thank the reader who sent it for (a) getting us linked on a crazy number of other college basketball sites and (b) showing us the fitting end to the Gillispie era. For those of you that dont remember, it was Clyde who signed us up for this tournament and led to this great arrangement at a ballroom in Cancun. Looking at the scene above, my favorite part is not the small stands, the carpeted floor or the crazy chandeleirs. No instead, I like the fact that the benches are actually those cloth chairs that will smell like the underside of Bruce Pearl's underpants after two-days of games. What Cancun Classic...you couldnt spring on folding chairs? See you again...never. --- The players made the most of the setting today and all basically thought it was funny. Everyone agrees that both teams have to play on the court (by rule) and so long as no injury occurs, all will be safe to move on. The latter point however is of a minor concern, because of some cracks in the floor. I am told that there was some work being done on the floor this afternoon, so hopefully some of those issues will be taken care of by tonight. --- I am told that Lane Kiffin was talking some UK trash tonight on his radio show and may have mentioned wearing "25th anniversary uniforms" to celebrate the 25th straight win coming on Saturday. Can anyone confirm this with quotes? And if you can find the audio, let me know....I know a certain UK football team that would like to hear it. UPDATE: No confirmation of the quotes and one reader who listened said that Kiffin made a crack or two, but no uniform reference. Either way, his wife is hot. --- Wanna know how the players feel about this Tennessee game. How about this Twitter comment from Corey Peters: Ive never wanted to win a football game as much as I want to win this week. Lets pack the stadium and make it happen. I am with you Corey... --- The Cats will play the winner of Stanford-Virginia on Wednesday. Do you know who is doing some graduate assistant-type work with Stanford? None other than Dwight Perry, former Kentucky Wildcat. We love Dwight and I am sure the team is glad to reunite with their former teammate. --- I hope you read the first of the Tucker Max Cancun reports today. It was quite good and expect more over the course of the next two days. --- For those of you wondering, absent an Alabama loss to Auburn, Kentucky will likely know its bowl destination by Sunday afternoon. So get on to get those cheap Tampa fares now before they are all booked. --- The biggest question I am getting repeatedly is WHERE CAN I WATCH THE CLEVELAND STATE GAME?. Here is the answer from the folks at Insight, who sent this to us this morning. If you have Direct TV, it is on Channel 613 at 4:30 pm. If you have Insight in Kentucky and have a digital box, it will be on Channel 531 at 4:30 pm. If you have neither, then you better have the CBS College Sports Network to see the game. --- That, or you can log on here to the LIVE BLOG AT 4:30, where we will have a link to the webstreaming of the game and you can follow along with our fun as I recap it for you. Thats really the best option. Finally, the PODCAST, Episode #4 is now on iTunes, and is ready for your listening pleasure. If you havent heard it yet, subscribe at this link or listen on the site below. [podcast]/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/ksr_podcast_4.mp3[/podcast] Big day today....GO CATS...Beat Cleveland State!

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