AAU Nashville Event Part 2 --- Meet New UK offer Chris Singleton

AAU Nashville Event Part 2 --- Meet New UK offer Chris Singleton

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
singleton.jpeg Marc Maggard reports in: 2008 recruit Chris Singleton, 6’9”/215 lb. combo forward for the AAU Atlanta Celtics has been offered a scholarship to play for the University of Kentucky. Chris is a silky smooth scorer with great range and good athleticism. Chris’s sneaky athleticism combined with his mild demeanor combine to often make difficult plays look easy which sometimes result in the unfair “not competitive” label. At 6’9”, Chris is able to post up small wing forwards and his range requires larger PF’s to guard him out to 25 feet. He has a very good first step combined with great body control, which makes him a threat to penetrate against almost any wing forward. Although he does have a very good handle, his tendency to dribble standing straight up is a liability at times against quick handed defenders. UK’s last player to be as versatile as Singleton was Tayshaun Prince, whose look may be different, but whose effectiveness is strikingly similar. Chris will need to become a better defender in order to live up to those types of comparisons, but his ability to defend is very good. Chris is believed to be one of the top combo forwards in the nation by everyone who observes him. His current list includes UK, LSU, IU, Cincy, G Tech, Utenn & South Carolina. Scotty Hopson continued to have a good game followed by a mediocre game. Hopson has as much talent as any player in the nation, but at times, he seems disinterested in the game. His team played against the Atlanta Celtics and although he had a few spirited plays, his overall game was lacking. With the proper motivation, Hopson could be an All American type of player, but he could also easily be an underperformer. Franklin Tn standout Drew Kelly, a 2009 player, had a very good game and showcased why he is considered to be one of the top post players for the 09 class. He has super soft hands, strong post play and is relentless on both ends of the floor. At 6’7”, however, he is about 2 or 3 inches shorter than you would like for an elite PF. Regardless, Kelly has the ability and desire required to get it done on both ends of the floor and will play at a high major program somewhere. He doesn’t yet have the body of a Chuck Hayes, but his game is similar in other ways with a better jumper out to 15 feet. Adair Co. forward, Darren Ballou may not develop into an elite player, but he did play quite well against top competition for the Southeast Elite 16 and under team. At 6’7”, he is going to have to develop his handle in order to reach high major status as a SF. Regardless of his future status, it was nice to see an unheralded Kentucky boy do well in a big event….he deserves to have his name printed here!

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