Alan Cutler Drinking Game

Matt Jones07/12/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
So quick, how many of you know who Alan Cutler is? If you live in Kentucky, the answer is probably yes, as Alan has been a fixture on the Lexington television/radio scene for a number of years. Cutler considers himself a "renegade" reporter who likes to be controversial and give it to the listeners "no holds barred." He recently replaced Jim Tirey on WLAP and now hosts the main major daily University of Kentucky-based sports radio show. While I could sort of take or leave Alan personally (he has been both nice and rude to me on various occasions), I actually dont mind his radio show. He tries to add personality to the market and while his comedy leaves MUCH to be desired, the show can be occasionally entertaining. Plus he put our good friend Rob Gidel on the air, so he cant be all bad. Having said that, Alan is often full of himself. Over on KentuckySportsReport, a poster named "champ7" came up with an Alan Cutler drinking game which I thought was great. One takes a drink anytime: 1) Talks about breaking a story on television 2) Talks about doing any type of story on television 3) Takes credit for all sports takes said by other talk show hosts or people in sports 4) Repeats the same word or phrase twice 5) Says the word "faschtunka". 6) Talks about hosting a weekend sports show on 700 WLW 7) Tslks about hosting the Bengals radio network Talks about his great relationships with people he interviews to the point that you feel like you puked in your mouth. Now see this is good comedy and something everyone should enjoy. Almost as much as they should enjoy this website where you can hire Alan Cutler the motivational speaker to come to your function. This website is truly priceless as Alan tells you that "It's Your Choice" to succeed (and the picture of him is priceless.) The website also lets us know that Alan at some point was on David Letterman, which I dont believe, but if it is true, I will pay good money for that tape. According to Alan, here are the Seven Secrets to Success: I dont think Alan has ever had a problem with Number 5, that is for sure. But this site is truly reavealing. I never knew Alan Cutler like thought he was just a loud sports guy, but he is the Tony Robbins of a new generation.

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