An Unbelievably Stupid Decision

An Unbelievably Stupid Decision

Matt Jonesabout 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
ewtye Two legends of the UK program Face it is going to be ex-UK Coaches Gone Wild day here on KSR. We all saw Rick Pitino and his Ted Kennedy/economy nonsense from yesterday. But as ridiculous as that press conference was, Billy Clyde's decision to get a DUI last night was even stupider. Lets remember where Clyde is in his life right now. He is living in Texas, was not able to get a job after being fired last year from UK and was hoping to lay low, win a big lawsuit and get a job next season back in college basketball. I had stated many times that the chances of him getting a good job next year were long...anyone who did any background research would learn more on his problems at UK and people dont like when you sued your former employer (ask Nolan Richardson). But if all went well and Billy laid low, maybe just maybe, things would work out for him. Then he came back to Kentucky earlier this week. As we first reported last night, Billy was in town for settlement negotiations with UK on his lawsuit against the school. I was told yesterday that the parties involved thought that a settlement was "within reach" and that the potential for the suit to go away was real. Another source told me that the two parties might even see some serious movement on Thursday, which is what led me to post the blurb last night. Lets assume for a second that those sources were correct (and I do indeed believe they were). Lets assume that a settlement could have occurred today and that Clyde would have been happy with it. Since we know the original offer was 3 million and he turned it down, one has to assume this settlement offer would have been greater. If so, Clyde was looking at probably a 4 million dollar or so payout, potentially to occur today. Then Billy decides to go night putting in Anderson County. He gets a DUI (his third such charge), makes Nick Nolte's mugshot look normal and descends even farther in terms of public respect. In so doing he has either (a) ended all possibility of a settlement or (b) lowered UK's offer significantly and changed the leverage of the situation. Nice job Clyde. Even more importantly, he has placed yet ANOTHER barrier on any university actually hiring him to be a basketball coach any time in the near future. Whereas before I wondered whether any major school could take a chance on hiring him, now one has to wonder if ANY school can hire him. How do you explain three DUI charges, two possible convictions, a lawsuit against your former school, a disaster left behind at your last program and all the other assorted off the court issues to a new Athletic Director. It strikes me as a very difficult task. I take no glee in Billy Clyde's problems. Alcohol abuse is a big deal and it is clear he has a problem. But I also know the Billy Clyde that was in Lexington for two years. When people made a mistake, asked a "stupid question" or at all didnt measure up in his eyes, he treated them with scorn, mocking and a ubiquitous smirk. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and forgive me if my sympathy doesnt lie with the former bully on this one.

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