Another Kentucky Left Tackle is Injured

Another Kentucky Left Tackle is Injured

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Kentucky's left tackles can't catch a break.  Landon Young's season was lost in the preseason.  Now Naasir Watkins will miss some time. Following UK's win over South Carolina, Mark Stoops revealed the redshirt freshman suffered a minor knee injury.  "Expect him to be out for a short period of time," Stoops said. "Nothing major." E.J. Price has been the starter at left tackle since the Florida game, alternating reps with Watkins.  The next man up for Kentucky is true freshman Darian Kinnard.  How he will be used will depend on how many games he's already participated in. "I would expect Darian Kinnard," Stoops said. "I'm not sure how many games he played in yet, we can always use him. That's where that rule would have come in, could play him and let Naasir clear up. We have a bye week after next week, so we could plug him in and maybe still keep his year." There were a few other injuries throughout the game -- Josh Allen and Derrick Baity to name a few -- but all were minor bumps and bruises that should not linger. [mobile_ad]

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