Anthony Davis lost $24 million today
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Anthony Davis lost $24 million today

Drew Franklinover 5 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


It's not a great day to be Anthony Davis. The young Pelicans star was set to receive a $24 million bonus if he made any of the three All-NBA teams; but he just missed out on being named to the third team, having received the third-most votes among players outside the cut, including one-first place vote. The contract boost would've fallen under the "Rose Rule," named after Derrick Rose, for any player still in his four-year rookie deal that earns an MVP award or is twice voted a starter in the All-Star game or twice named All-NBA. Davis was named First Team All-NBA and an All-Star starter last season, but was only a reserve in this year's All-Star game and did not receive All-NBA honors. Missing out on the bonus leaves Davis with only a measly $120 million contract. So that whole part about it not being a great day to be Anthony Davis is way off. Everyday is a great day to be Anthony Davis.   In related news, DeMarcus Cousins was named All-NBA Second Team today. BOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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