Auburn Prediction Thread

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Auburn an Adam Sandler serious drama, the mere words suggest a school attempting to act outside its comfort area. Not since the heyday of Charles Barkley has Auburn been anything resembling a factor in basketball. Yes they had their day of Chris Porter when Auburn miraculously found themselves on the cover of Sports Illustrated. And during that time they were coached by Cliff Ellis, who announcers consistently reminded us was a brilliant jazz musician in his spare time. But mostly Auburn has been known for its inability to get ANY fans in its gym and the fact that at all home games against the Cats, a huge section of Kentucky veterinary students engage in "Go Big Blue" chants. With that as a backdrop, the Tigers hit Lexington tonight. I could engage in a breakdown of the team, but this is all you need to know. Kovortney Barber is pretty good and the rest of the guys like to penetrate and shoot bombs. That is it....the VMI recipe for success. The Cats could win this game by 30 or will be end for a dogfight....either result is possible and neither result would surprise me. Having been burned by the VMI-types too long, I say the Cats are ready and win 82-60. And somewhere a Person brother will weep.....

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