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Mattoxover 14 years


Article written by:MattoxMattox
Chris Knight One more Saturday without college football. It can’t get here fast enough. This week would have been the start of the Kentucky high school football season, but it was cancelled because of a complete loss of interest following the move of the UK/UofL game to the third week of the season is the start of the Kentucky high school football season. This also marks the first year of the 6A, 6A, 6A, 6A, 6A, 6A class system, sucka! Now a lot of purists are up in arms over the fact that the new system will allow roughly 86% of all high schools in the state to participate in the playoffs. Dilutes the playoffs. Renders the regular season meaningless. Sky is falling. Global Warming. The terrorists have won. Dinosaurs bones were buried by Satan to fool us. Sure. Gotcha. What's the world coming to? Keep in mind these are probably the same people who laud the Sweet 16 as the best high school basketball tournament in the country. For those of you keeping score at home 100% of teams are eligible for District play in basketball. 100% > 86%. FWIW I think that’s one of the questions on the NFL’s Wonderlic Test that Vince Young got right. So no, the increased number of teams eligible for the post season is not the seventh sign of the Apocalypse. I welcome the return of high school football. Taking in a solid high school matchup is always a great way to kick off a weekend in the fall. If you’re a Trinity or St. X grad it also means the opportunity to put on a ten year old letter jacket and become as emotionally invested in the game as the over-bearing parents with those buttons that have their kid’s mug on ‘em. As an added bonus at half time you can compare stories of who used to pull the most trim back in the day. The correct answer is neither. Ballard soccer players for the win. So Mike Vick is heading to the dog eat dog world of federal pound me prison? Really put that Va. Tech education to work. Great idea to risk hundreds of millions of dollars in endorsement and contract money for a couple grrr on dog fighting. Brilliant. Ole Ron Mexico was just keeping it real though. He didn’t sell out. His career may be in the Papa John's Cardinals Stadium, but his street cred is intact. Nice job. If I was to get the 8 and allow Teresa to still have limited control over it, I'd still have to deal with her, and that was not what I wanted. So we'll have to let the 8 go; we'll have to get something new.---Dale Earnhardt Jr. Who wants to head over to the Earnhardt’s for Thanksgiving? In what was a purely bit…business move Teresa Earnhardt demanded to retain a percentage of the proceeds made on the 8 for herself in exchange for Jr. running the 8 at Hendrick. I’m sure everything will work out fine for her. There will be absolutely no resentment or backlash from NASCAR fans. They’ve always been known for their rational thinking and level-headedness... Does anyone actually watch The Bronx is Burning? This show has less buzz than a Baptist wedding reception. The Worldwide Leader has been absolutely on fire with their original content this summer. Let’s not forget the riveting Who’s Now segments. Absolutely seminal sports programming. They’ll probably win give themselves an ESPY for it. Pretty sure the Insight people need to reevaluate their program description for SportsCenter that leads off with the adjective hip. And in something completely unrelated to sports in any way whatsoever just so those people who loathe that sort of thing can beat their head against their monitor…Chris Knight is playing at Gerstles in Louisville Wednesday night at 9 p.m. $10 at the door. This is his acoustic show and it’s about a million times better than the crap on the radio. Head over and check it out. As an added bonus he’s a native Kentuckian, so you’re supporting local music. (Editor note: Matt will be there as well) Still stuck on 6-6.

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