Blog Coverage of UK-UL

by:Matt Jones08/31/06
I hope everyone will be somewhere Sunday where they can watch our beloved Cats pull off the biggest upset ever when we STOMP the Cardinals in Papa John Stadium. Ok, well that may not happen, but nonetheless it should be a fun game and the Cats will hopefully show some of their obvious improvement over the summer. If you are watching the game from home, please stop by this blog as Rob Gidel will be LIVE BLOGGING during the game, giving his thoughts and opinions. We have never done this before, but we encourage you to come by on Sunday night and read the G-Man's insights during the game. And if you are going to the game, when you get back home, check the blog out and see what the Gidel said. It should be good. Watch for other game previews from the folks here as the weekend progresses.

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