Brad Calipari calls out Mark Titus of The Ringer for "wanna be black" comments

Brad Calipari calls out Mark Titus of The Ringer for "wanna be black" comments

Jack Pilgrimover 2 years


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Kentucky walk-on guard Brad Calipari has been in the national spotlight as of late not for anything basketball related, but for his interesting gameday attire each time the Wildcats take the floor. In one instance, he wore a split-color button down on the Kentucky bench. In another, a grey-suit, white-turtleneck combo with a gold necklace to complete the look. Beyond those two outfits, Calipari has worn different designer hoodies, sweatshirts, and suits of all different colors and styles, sparking interest from several national outlets, namely from the Pardon My Take crew of Barstool Sports. Over the last few weeks, Calipari and his outfits have been hot topics of conversation on the show, and the Kentucky guard finally caught wind of it today. And he wasn't too happy about it. Pardon My Take had Mark Titus of The Ringer on the show on Tuesday, who called out Calipari for "wanting to be black," saying he has "never seen anybody take it to the level" that he is taking it to. He used his own experience as a former walk-on basketball player to back up his argument. "I have a lot of Brad Calipari thoughts," he said on the show. "Yeah, look, I know a lot of white guys that wanna be black, cause I mean growing up playing basketball, I mean I dabbled in that for a long time in my own life. If you go back and find any picture of me in 2004-ish, somewhere around that year, I'm wearing (XXL) everything. Because I was on an AAU team, I was the token white guy, I said this is how I'm going to fit in. I have never seen anybody take it to the level that Brad Calipari is taking it to." This evening, Calipari took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the comments, saying "black isn't a personality" and asking him to "come correct" next time he brings him up. After being called out on the famous public platform, Titus backed off his comments instantly, saying he takes "full responsibility" and shouldn't have fallen for the "nonsense" that comes with Pardon My Take. Calipari has always been outspoken on social media about not caring what his haters say, but the redshirt guard wanted to make sure the world knew he was not a fan of what Titus had to say. And I can't say I blame him. [mobile_ad]

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