Brandon Huntley-Hatfield insists he's not a Kentucky lock
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Brandon Huntley-Hatfield insists he's not a Kentucky lock

Photo: Nick Koza

Kentucky has long been considered the favorite for 2022 power forward Brandon Huntley-Hatfield, but today, the five-star prospect said that isn’t necessarily the case. In his new blog for Sports Illustrated, Huntley-Hatfield insisted he’s not set on any school, not even the one his cousin Alex Poythress attended.

I want to say this too; I think the word on me is that I’m a lock for Kentucky, just because it’s known that they were my dream school growing up. I want to say here in my blog that I’m not set on any school. I don’t look at things the same way that I did when I was a kid; now I know the importance of picking the right fit and that’s what I’m really focusing on in this process.

I’m not locked in on any one school. I think that’s the thing that’s holding some other schools back from recruiting me, so I just want to let it be know that I’m open to everyone equally at this point.

Huntley-Hatfield, who recently transferred from IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL to Scotland Performance Institute in Scotland, PA, listed Kentucky, Kansas, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Auburn, Ole Miss, Baylor and Tennessee as the schools he speaks to the most. He also said that although he considered reclassifying to 2021, he is fine staying in the 2022 class because his goal is to develop as much as possible to “get those big second and third contracts” in the NBA. Smart kid.

You know the drill. Check out the rest of Huntley-Hatfield’s blog at the link below then watch him work.

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