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Clearly the news of Alex Legion transferring happened too late in the day for any local or national columnists to write about it this morning and give their opinions, so that will have to wait for the upcoming days because you and I both know the articles will start coming in full force. But there are still alot of interesting clicks out in cyberspace today, so on to today’s top links: 

1. How much do you think Bobby Bowden really has his hands in when it comes to game planning? If you are a UK fan, you are hoping alot because Bowden has actually used the words Woodson and mobile in the same sentence, as reported by Larry Vaught. He compared Woodson to that Florida QB who shall remain nameless. Seriously Bobby, Woodson and the Heisman Trophy winner play the same style. Seriously? 

2. Yahoo has come out with the first bowl rankings I could find, and the UK-FSU game appears to be about where it should be at first glance.  That is until you see that Navy-Utah, Connecticut-Wake Forest, Mississippi St.-Central Florida, and Indiana-Oklahoma St. are ALL ranked ahead of the Music City.  So, on second glance these rankings are bad and so are the group of bowl games this season as a whole.

3. I know many of you were talking about a college football playoff yesterday, and many different scenarios on just how to run this playoff have been presented.  But, I haven’t seen a more detailed or convincing article about a playoff than that of Dan Wetzel of Yahoo sports.  Wetzel presents a 16 team playoff with positive arguments for a number of anti-playoff arguments.  (Note: Clearly Wetzel’s bracket he presents was created before the conference championships but honestly those would probably be the 16 teams I would use, maybe with an Illinois instead of Boston College)

4. One of the greatest decisions ever made by any affiliation with the NCAA was the releasing of every individual coaches ballot.  And this year it was especially great because we get to see who screwed Oklahoma or Georgia from getting to the title game.  In Georgia’s case, Bobby Bowden rated the Sooners 10th, while putting Missouri 6th and Kansas 7th. Hey Bobby, they aint playing best of 7! Two OU wins over Mizzou is enough.  But the gold medal for idiot goes to Florida Atlantic coach Methuselah Schnellenberger. Just click on Howie’s name in this graph and judge for youself. (Howard clearly loves the WAC, why not put Nevada in the poll too?)

5. Yesterday, I gave you an update of some of the local recruits who have made it to their teams state finals.  But here is an recap of where the out-of-state recruits and their teams are in the playoffs.  Byrnes(SC) High School Defensive Back Cartier Rice and his teammates just finished winning a state title and completing a 15-0 season. The article shows Rice was able to shut down the opponents top reciever, certainly a good sign. The second story on that same article shows that Chester(SC) Quarterback Eugene McCaskill finished a state runner-up season with a nice showing, running and throwing for over 80 yards each in a 2 point defeat. Deaunte Mason of Pearl-Cohn(TN) High School finished 11-3 and lost in the semifinals of the 3A playoffs. Randall Cobb of Alcoa(TN) High School and his teammates are in the 2A State Finals and currently have a 13-1 record. Combine all those records with those of St.X’s Matthew Smith and Lexington Catholic’s Winston Guy and you have a possible 4 state titles and a 77-9 record.  Thats alot of winning.

6. Here is Jerry Tipton’s article concerning the Alex Legion transfer. If you have been following the story since yesterday, nothing much new comes out in this article, but if you are looking for a recap of yesterday’s events, it’s as good as any.

7. After reading this article from’s Pat Forde, you realize a couple things: this college football season was silly, predicting college football games this season is like predicting what your crazy aunt will get you for Christmas, and Pat is clearly a Missouri grad. Your team lost Pat, its the way it works.  If you lose late in the season, you are more likely to get screwed. Nonetheless, good article. 

8. The articles continue to surface discussing the life of Ralph Beard.  Another terrific write-up by the Courier-Journal’s Eric Crawford.  Any praise that Beard gets is well-deserved.

9. As much as Pat Forde loves his Missouri Tigers, Greg Doyel probably has just as much hate for Bob Knight.  Of course, he did shoot a man, and maybe a horse, and maybe another man.

10. ESPN has named its player of the week, and its not good news for the Cats. After seeing a semi-hurt Ty Lawson pretty much do what he wanted against UK, I worry what Eric Gordon (AKA healthy Ty Lawson with a jumpshot) is gonna do. The matchups dont look good this Saturday. (Note: Gordon was injured in last night’s game, but is expected back for this Saturday.)

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