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It's Rant Time!!!  Look, I was embarrassed watching the VMI game Friday night.  You had to be.  I was disappointed in the effort and what appeared to me to be a lack of preparation.  I mean, did UK not know they were gonna push the pace and shoot a lot of 3's?  That being said, personally I was FAR MORE embarrassed when I came home and read the comments left on this site in the game thread.  Here's a little taste: -"omg porter needs to break his leg and be out the rest of the year" - "I hate to say this….but does Gillespie = Kragthorpe?" - "This just in….BCG….great recruiter….pi*s poor coach" - "So who do you get to replace Gillispie? Mark Few? John Phelphrey? Travis Ford?" And folks, I didn't just pick and choose the worst.  This was basically everybody's comment, some less harsh than others obviously.  But I read EVERY single comment (438 total) and not ONE showed support for this team.  Should you be disappointed/angry about the game?  ABSOLUTELY!!  But to go to the levels of the comments above, even during the heat of a game is ridiculous.  It's the same crap that UL is doing to Kragthorpe, and I have heard too many UK fans criticize the Cards for that, so why dip down to that level.  This program's fans already have a bad reputation after what some people call pushing Tubby out the door.  Please lets not start this again just 1 season and 1 game into another regime.  Support your team and take the losses with a little bit of sense and class.  That being said, I second Matt's opinion that the football crowd was suprisingly good and hopefully can be transferred to Rupp for the rest of the season.    OK, I'm done ranting and now it's links time! 1. Some good columns written after the Vandy loss in Sunday papers: Eric Crawford writes the Cats struggles are mental and not physical. John Clay says Vandy loss puts finishing touches on bad weekend. And Mary Story wonders where has the defense gone? 2. If there is one thing that seems to be defining about Billy Gillispie, it's that he just won't throw his players under the bus after a loss.  He consistently takes the blame after defeats, which I find admirable.  He continued refusing to play the blame game after VMI is this Herald-Leader article.    3. ESPN had an interesting headline to their VMI-Kentucky story: VMI hands once-proud Kentucky stunning loss.  What do you say to this?  Has the UK program sunk to being "once-proud" or are you still proud in the Cats?  Do you think the program is still a "proud" program?  I think the answer is yes, but if it isn't please explain yourself in the comments. 4. It wasn't all bad in the UK sports world this weekend.  The volleyball team pulled off a big upset for the program, taking down Florida in 5 sets, the first win over the Gators in 38 matches.  This now sets up the Cats for an SEC title, IF they can win their final two games next weekend.  Also, congrats to the UK soccer team, which fell to 7th ranked Tulsa in the C-USA final on penalty kicks.  The Cats are almost certainly headed to the NCAA's and should be a very tough out. 5. NBA Recap: Bogans scores 7, Nazr scores 4 in Magic win Not Tayshaun's best performance in Pistons loss 6. So this is how you get rid of a cold

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