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FYI: Kentucky's RPI is now 76 First, lets start off with some conference rankings.  Quite frankly, it was a TERRIBLE week for the SEC, as the conference as a whole went 0-5 vs. BCS teams this week.  Even the Pac-10 won 3 games against BCS schools this week.  It still isn't enough to move the Pac-10 ahead of the SEC, but the gap is closing.  The ACC had a so-so week but UNC and Duke's thrashing of Michigan St. and Purdue tell me something about this league.  And the Big 12 jumps the Big 10 this week.  There are CLEARLY 3 levels of conference this year: ELITE (ACC and Big East), AVERAGE (Big 10 and Big 12), and TERRIBLE (SEC and Pac-10).  (1) ACC Overall Record: 75-16, vs BCS Teams: 19-11, vs non-BCS teams: 56-5 Best Team by RPI: Clemson (2) Worst Team by RPI: NC State (201) Comments: Barely won ACC-Big Ten Challenge, but beat Big Ten's best 2 teams (Mich St. and Purdue) in the process, still top to bottom the best league by far (2) Big East Overall Record: 98-20, vs BCS Teams: 14-10, vs non-BCS teams: 84-10 Best Team by RPI: Pittsburgh (5) Worst Team by RPI: South Florida (176) Comments: VERY strong at the top but VERY weak at the bottom with South Florida, Seton Hall, St. Johns, Rutgers, Providence, and Depaul bringing the league down (3) Big 12 Overall Record: 73-17, vs BCS Teams: 12-11, vs non-BCS teams: 61-6 Best Team by RPI: Oklahoma (11) Worst Team by RPI: Colorado (202) Comments: Feasted on the Pac-10 in their challenge, went 6-3 overall this week versus BCS schools helping them jump to #3 from #4 last week (4) Big 10 Overall Record: 67-18, vs BCS Teams: 14-13, vs non-BCS teams: 53-5 Best Team by RPI: Northwestern (7) Worst Team by RPI: Indiana (140) Comments: Solid not spectacular, Michigan gives the league a bonus decent team, but do they have any Final Four caliber teams, I dont think so (5) SEC Overall Record: 66-24, vs BCS Teams: 4-11, vs non-BCS teams: 62-13 Best Team by RPI: Florida (41) Worst Team by RPI: Alabama (265) Comments: This league is just not very good, thank god the Pac-10 is around to stink even worse, I guess the good thing is UK should contend for the league title (6) Pac-10 Overall Record: 48-24, vs BCS Teams: 7-16, vs non-BCS teams: 41-8 Best Team by RPI: California (21) Worst Team by RPI: Oregon St. (328) Comments: I can't think of ONE positive for this league, but if you have to force me to give one its that James Harden is really, really good Let's also take a look at the BTITW (BTI Turnover Watch).  Things are getting "better" I guess.  At least Jodie Meeks is no longer in the Top 5 nationally in turnovers.  Team Turnovers per Game 1. Arkansas Pine-Bluff: 24.1 tpg 2. Cal St. Northridge: 21.8 tpg 3. Kentucky: 21 tpg 4. Northwestern St.: 21 tpg 5. Indiana: 20.3 tpg Individual Turnovers per Game 1. Josh Jenkins-Cal St. Northridge: 6.3 tpg/5.2 apg 2. Chris Lowe-UMASS: 5.9 tpg/5.4 apg 29. Jodie Meeks-Kentucky: 4.0 tpg/2.0 apg OK, lets get to a couple links as well: 1. Mark down this day because national writers are starting to get the scent of blood in the water for Billy Gillispie.  Andrew Skwara of writes this article, saying that Cats fans are beginning to wonder whether Billy G was the right choice to follow Tubby Smith.  2. For those of you who would like to keep up with Dakotah Euton and Chad Jackson, the guys got a chance to knock out the #1 team the country from Texas, but blew a 9-point fourth quarter lead and lost in overtime.  Both guys had great games though, with the Scott County coach saying Euton had "a monster game". 3. You should be able to get a few laughs at the greatest overreactions in sports.  I could watch the spelling bee girl everyday.  I don't know if I should feel bad for her because she has so little people skills, or I should just laugh really, really hard.  You tell me. 4. Last week, I gave you the list of the hottest celebrities over 40.  Now, Extra Mustard brings us the Hottest Celebrities under 25.  Don't worry men, these girls are all legal.  So no Miley Cyrus.  By the way, she's overrated in my opinion, something not right in the face.  All inappropriate jokes insterted here.

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